Alicante, Spain
Plaza de Toros Alicante

June 15, 2023

[Rune Bruteig] [Laurette Maillet],

Review by Rune Bruteig

What could be more perfect than Dylan, in toreador threads, 
playing a bullfighter arena where so much blood has been 
shed, singing his late songs of fate and (no) mercy? 

I flew in from Oslo, Norway today for this event at Plaza 
de Toros. It was smoothly organized, with friendly staff all 
around. And with the show starting as late as 21:30, plenty 
of time to savour a grilled fish dinner before entering the 
arena, and then hang around the front stage semicircle to 
watch the crowd seep in.

A very mixed crowd. Plenty of perpetuals and old timers. But 
also a lot of younger people. Lovers sneaking a night off, 
kids hauled along by (mostly dad?) for education... 

I last saw Dylan and crew in London,  October 2022. A 
highlight weekend of that UK rough and rowdy leg. Since then 
the band, and some arrangements, have changed some. What has 
not changed is Bob's dedication and truly invested vocals. 
The sound rolling of the stage is (still, almost incredibly) 
fully enveloping, crystal clear and downright haunting. 

Highlights? "Watching the River Flow" is mellower, a slight 
shift that keeps it fresh and exciting as an opener. 
"Multitudes" expansive as ever. "Black Rider" also mellower, 
but still dangerous - an effective twist. "Mother of Muses" 
a beautiful prayer. 

But hey, let's admit it. When "That Old Black Magic" didn't 
materialize in its designated spot, but was replaced by some 
strumming that turned into a moment even more magical - Dylan 
gracing us with an impromptu cover of Van Morrison's "Into 
the Mystic", one the Man's all time best - well... that's 
where tonight's show has taken me. 

And to think that Van is playing in Oslo just this Friday 
night. Maybe he'll do some Dylan. If so, I'll miss out. 
'Cause I'm staying right here in Spain, heading for Huesca 
and another bullfight on the 17th.

Rune Bruteig


Review by Laurette Maillet

A short report about Sevilla 2 and Granada.
Sevilla 2 was harsh ; no any extra ticket.
I heard he didn't even sing on 'Watching the river flow'. 
Waiting for me to get in ? :) :) :) LOL.
Granada was weird : though I didn't get inside the 
Generalife I was able to hear from outside. I sat right 
behind the stage, on the top of the hill. Of course I 
didn't see anything but was able to hear ... everything.
That was an experience.
Busing to Alicante was easy and smooth.
Alicante is not my favorite city. Extremely hot , busy 
and too much car trafic.
I spend the afternoon just resting and planing for the 
leg between Alicante and Barcelona, up to Carcassonne.
Alicante June 16th.
I check the Plaza del toros. Again an outdoor show starting 
at 9.30 pm.
At the worst I could hear from outside. But it's better to 
be inside :)
So. I patiently hold my sign for two hours and a half.
It's crowdy and noisy. I'm sorry to say the crowd looks 'old'.
 A lot of couples who seem retired :)
My chance would be an 'expat' .
And , yes, the guy offering me a Tix is from Netherlands, 
living here , in Spain.
The seat is on the balcony. The floor is far for being full. 
So is the plaza in general. Looks like only half empty, half 
The show starts right on time. A long intro on "Watching 
the river flow" when Bob suddenly starts singing.
The sound will be adjusted after the second song.
"When I paint my masterpiece" is strange. Bob trying to 
stretch the lyrics. 
It starts to be more dynamic on "Black rider".
I have to tell folks around me to shut up. Obviously they're 
not interested in "Rough and rowdy ways" :(
But Shane, my ticket angel, is into it. We have a good time.
Bob is not so talketive: a couple of "thank you" murmured in 
between his teeth :)
I'm impatient to heard the 14th song. To my shame I don't 
know the song but Shane does. "Into the mystic" by Van 
I had the feeling there would be something new as Bob 
arrived at the same time at the Band and the soundcheck was 
a long one.
The public doesn't react so much. Only the followers would 
know about the surprise.
A great show, thanks to Shane.
But not the best for me.
Definitely didn't like the audience:(
See you next.....Huesca.


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