Brescia, Italy
Piazza Duomo
July 10, 2001

[Antonio Terni]

Review by Antonio Terni

Lots of confusion as usually when first rows are reserved and expensive.
You know those people " I have paid for my ticket and I want to sit...."
whose only goal in life is showing themselves sitting on a very expensive
seat at a Bob Dylan Who?'s concert. Bob looked quite upset at the
beginning and after a while he told something to Tom and then Alfred came
down to the rail and told us that we were allowed to stand, but the "Ihave
paid for my ticket....." people kept protesting and asking quite rudely I
must say that we had to sit. At the end of the second acustic triplet a
man of the italian security came down and waving his arms up and down said
that we HAD to stand up as Bob wanted that. But the
"Ihavepaidformyticket..." people said that we HAD to sit down and at the
end we sent them all to hell and spent the rest of the concert standing.
The absolute highlight was in my opinion Maggie's Farm, and I know that
many people will say "oh no...not Maggie's again..." but, believe you me,
the harp solo at the end was absolutely amazing, at least a couple of
minutes of furious blowing as he was trying to blow the whole Maggie's
family away. Unbelivable!!!Or maybe he was trying to blow the
"Ihavepaidformyticket.." people away. At the end of the concert Pietro
said that Positively was surely directed to the VIPS and I agree.
There is only one italian expression that strictly applies to that people
and it is quite rude: testadicazzo (pronounce 'tasta dee cats oh'  if you
just happen, and you will, to meet some of those people). I think it was a
GREAT concert, despite the set list was relatively normal, but Bob was in
a great condition, he was apparently happy and he's been doing a lot of
"be friendly to the crowd" movements. I don't mean he was trying to please
the audience, but he was comunicative and simply nice. At the end my
friend Francesca looked my eyes and said: "I need more of this " and I
could see into the depth of her eyes that the bobcats virus has found its
place and that from now on it will demand more and more....So I'll have to
find another Pescara ticket for her. Fingerprints of the show: He didn'
say Desolation Row at the end of one verse of the somg, just like he
doesn't say the word 'snake' at the end of Man gave names to all the
animals. He sang the verse 'the third daughter at the twelvth night" (or
whatever numbers they actually are) at the end of HW61. When introducing
the band he said something like: "on his new bass guitar....I won't tell
his name"  At the end of Released he turned towards Charlie and mimicked
something wit his lips and so  he and Charlie ended the song with "every
day now". And my depravated mind led me to think that while RDW he said
"they stone you when you wear a leopard again" looking at me , but of
course the tape will prove once again that I am a stupid. Ciao and see
everybody in Udine. antonio terni


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