Córdoba, Spain
El Fontanar Sports Hall
July 11, 2004

[Angel Uriarte Lopez]

Review by Angel Uriarte Lopez

Cordoba is  probably the most warm city of Spain, man it,s so warm that Bob was waving his hat over his 
face all night, why didnt he change his black suite for a more light clothe? There is a guitar festival 
going on here, with guitar players like Paco de Lucía and Stanley Jordan scheduled, but here comes Bob 
Dylan , another guitar legend that no longer plays his guitar,it,s kind of funny.The show  had a beautiful 
start with Rainy day and  my favourite If you see her , btw, was it the first time for me? i cant tell.
I had been thinking and hoping for Highwater all my way from Granada to Cordoba, and he played it, but i 
was not feeling vey confortable due to all these heads from these tall youngsters, and this hysteria of 
rising the cell phones up. So i had to change positions several times during the concert, moving back to 
get a better picture. And then as it was sunday, of course i had been feeling a bit guilty for not going 
to church, but bob rescued me when he did God knows, why is it that i like this song so much? and how well 
they played it. Stuck inside the mobile was nice to listen to, i enjoy it more at a show than when 
listening on a cd. I think that the highlights by this time had been, If you see her, I shall be released,
quite early for this one, God knows and then bob decided not to surrender and fought against the heat with 
these arms: Blind Willie, great, Honest, the heat was greater and broke the song, but then came bob to 
help the fainting band with Forever young, to heaven again, and with the band we all flew to some other 
Summer days, i wish bob would tell me where is that place where something is still going on. After this 
i really wouldnt have needed Tambourine, but bob already knew of his victory on this journey through dark 
heat and Mr tambourine sounded like he could do another whole show if he wanted. But it was time to go, 
and after the rolling of this big slow stone, came All along the watchtower, the same last song in the 
three shows, and i have to say that i am becoming more and more a fan of this difficult song for me, but 
i think it is what we all know it is, a crack, a cripted message.

Oh ,yes, he played Lay lady lay and someone from Norway told me after the show it was amazing, the best 
one he had ever heard, and he was making his 200 and something show!

Two days off to visit the area and there we go for the cornerstone of the spanish letters: 
Alcala de Henares.



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