Perugia, Italy
Parco Arena D. San Giuliana
July 25, 2001

[Vittorio Colombo]

Review by Vittorio Colombo

What can one possibly say of a concert like this!?
It was simply an oustanding gem, an incredibile performance
from the first to the last minute through.
It was clear from his first word and chord that the night
was going to be a particular one. His right leg was like a flag in strong
wind from the first solo in Somebody touched me. He was skaing his body 
under this tremendous energy during the whole show and from the
There was no break anytime from a continuous and long (more than 2 hours)
string of pearls: his voice was full and strong, with no fear
on the edges of verses, even for difficult passages like the Just like a
woman bridge. He was in a magic night and enjoying his evident power.
Every single word came out like it was the ultimate performance.
His guitar playing was so good that even Larry couldn't stop smiling
the whole concert through.
The highlights? To be true each song was the best in its own way.
Tombostone, 4th street, Till I fell in love with you, Wicked and Heaven's
being my favourite ones together with a powerful Masters and a dreamy 
Desolation. But it's unfair to set a better mark to anything. Yesterday 
night will remain as one of his greatest performances ever.
It was much better than Pescara which was a very high level show.
There the gem that will remain forever was an uncredible Not Dark Yet
as Antonio already said.  
"I wanna introduce my band" at the end of Rainy Day lasted longer than
usual due to the thunder coming from the audience. Charlie had finally what we
and he owe to him.
Only one very very small mistake in this magic night: Bob and Larry
started two different versions of Rainy day! It took a few seconds to get them 
together through mutual laughter.
Thunder and lighting.
Will he do a better show down south? Someone else will tell you.
My tour is over.



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