Every Grain Of Sand (page by Michael Farry)
(page concerned with the song "Every Grain Of Sand")

Slow Train Coming
(page by Bill Parr - EDLIS Christianity and Dylan Agency)
"This page serves as a keeping place for lots of material related to the impact of Christianity on Dylan's work and life."

A Lily Among Thorns: Exploring Bob Dylan's Christianity (page by John D. Williams)

"Bob Dylan's lyrics never explicitly invoke his Jewish roots, but Jewish influences are never far from the surface"
(by Michael Billig) (from the MyJewishLearning page)

Biblical Allusion in Bob Dylan's Lyrics (by Skylar Hamilton Burris)

Tangled Up In Jews (page by Larry Yudelson)
This web page is devoted to studying and collecting trivia relating to the Jewish religious/cultural
odyssey of Shabtai Zisel ben Avraham v'Rachel Riva, a.k.a Bob Dylan."

"Talkin' Hava Nagilah Blues" (essay by Seth Rogovoy) from the page

"Subterranean Homeland Blues" (essay by Jeffrey Goldberg) from the page

page by Bill Pagel
[email protected]

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