Monterrey, Mexico

Arena Monterrey

February 29, 2008

[Oscar Montes]

Review by Oscar Montes

Once again people I had seen in the Mexico City shows were here! The
weather was kind of hot and there were not too many people, they said the
attendance was about 7000 but the Monterrey people are really loudy and
cheerful. The show began at about 9:15 PM with Rainy day women which was
really good and powerful, then the first surprise of the night Don't think
twice, really sweet and well recognized by the audiene, then Watching the
river which was ok, the 3 of them electrical. Then it came the time for
the great Masters of war, people and Bobby really enjoyed it. The leeve's
gonna break and Spirit with Bob on harp were the next ones, well received
by the audience, then the second surprise of the night, a 10 min long
Desolation row with Bob on harp, really hipnotic and nice tune. A powerful
Highwater was next and then a really sweet Workingman's blues, 'Till I
fell in love with Bob on harp was the only Time out of mind song of the
night, nice too. When the deals goes down was really enjoyed by the 
audience and then once again Highway 61 shook the arena, really powerful. 
Nettie Moore was very nice and sweet and then Summer days where 
you could see that Dylan look in his eyes and moving body: 
Rock n' roll is the reason I keep travelin' on! Then the highlight of the 
night Like a rolling stone where once again everybody stood up and sang 
along with Bob. The encore was Thunder on the mountain, better
than the 2 last shows! Everybody in the audience was dancing Rock n'
roll on their sits! The last song was a slow and sweet Blowin' in the
wind, people were really happy to listen to this all-times classic with
Bob oh harp, the lights went out and I felt like I wanted to already be
in Guadalajara! I want to really thank my friends Ivonne Hernandez,
Mauricio Tonix and Anuar Garcia who live in Monterrey for allowing me to
stay at their homes for 2 nights and take me to some funny places and
share with me some precious moments of their lives on my way to 
Guadalaja, see you next time friends! 

Oscar Montes 


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