Guadalajara, Mexico

University of Guadalajara
Auditorio Telmex

March 2, 2008

[Oscar Montes]

Review by Oscar Montes

For the first time I had a first row Dylan ticket, the weather was nice
getting to the auditorio telmex, once again 5 or 6 people I saw in Mexico
city and Monterrey were there, all of them foreigners, this auditorium is
almost brand new, really nice. Nothing in front of me but Dylan and his
band! The show started at about 8:35 PM with a great Leopard-skin pill-box
hat then Lay lady lay which was immediately recognized by the audience,
I'll be your baby tonight was better than the one of the second show of
Mexico City, electrical the three of them. The first surprise of the night
Ballad of a thin man, it was great! I felt I was listening to Dylan and
The Band in the sixties and Bob played the harp in this tune! Rollin' and
tumblin' was really rocky and Bobby was laughing with the guys of his
band, all of them enjoyed it a lot! Spirit was good and everybody thanked
Bob for his music, he played the harp in this song too. The second
surprise of the show A hard rain's a-gonna fall, it was just great and
people really enjoyed it! Memphis blues was really nice and then the sweet
Workingman's blues. In Things have changed once again Bob was laughing
with his guys for enjoying what they were doing! When the deal goes down
was nice and soft and then the best Highway 61 Iíve ever heard, the
auditorio telmex was shaken by a hurricane and almost crumbled! No doubt
this was the highlight of the night! Then Nettie Moore which was nice and
then the Rock n' roll tune Summer days, almost at the end of it everybody
was dancing on their sits and I was pointing my index finger to Dylan in a
way to say thanks for your music and something incredible happened, Bobby
looked at me and made the same movement with his index finger towards to
me and laughing! I still can't believe it! Thank you Zimmy! Then his most
popular song in Mexico Like a rolling stone, everybody stood up and sang
along with him. Lights went out and all the people (they said the
attendance was about 5000, maybe the smallest of the 4 shows but the
loudest and the more enthusiastic!) were shouting, screaming, cheering as
I haven't seen in last three shows, they played the rocky Thunder on the
mountain and once again everybody was dancing on their sits and then
another surprise, All along the watchtower, excellent, really psicodelic!
Bob and his band said goodbye to the audience but he rose his thumb finger
to the band like saying "We have to play another song", lights went out
and people were so excited cheering that they came back to play Blowin' in
the wind with Bob in harp. By far this was the best show of the four in
Mexican lands. Bobby thank you for letting me follow you down during these
4 magical mexican shows, I'll see you in Zacatecas! Thank you for being
the greatest artist ever! After the show I said hi to the guys I'd seen in
all the mexican shows and they asked for my name, when I told them they
were surprised and said "Oh you're the one who's been calling Bill Pagel
after the shows!" I want to thank my friend Luis Gerardo Gonzalez who
lives in Guadalajara for picking me up at the Guadalajara airport and
taking me to have lunch (excellent sea food) with his family.

Oscar Montes 


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