Sugar Land, Texas

Smart Financial Centre

March 11, 2022

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

From Irving to Sugarland.
March 11th.
My good friend Corky finally made it to the show in Irving after his 12 hours 
drive from Kansas city. We meet outside after the show. I say thank you 
and goodbye to Carol and Joni I will see again in San Antonio.
Corky and I drive towards Houston and we book a room somewhere in 
between those two cities. Nice night sleep and a breakfast at iHope 
and ....on the road again.

March 11th.
We plan to visit the Art museum in Houston but the traffic is bad so 
we finally decide to go straight to Sugarland. Just time to have dinner 
at a Ramen restaurant and we enter the venue.

Huge building, brand new. Capacity 6600 but only half full! 3100 
seats sold. Our seats is 7th row back on the left. I hope for the 
seats in front of me to stay empty and they will. I have a good 
view on the piano and the guitars :). Can't see Donnie clearly 
though :(.
We chat with fans around.

8pm Bob is on. Same suit as well as for the Band. When will 
we see the Red suits again? :)
Clear sound and clear voice.
Of course same set but ... I'm used to it.
Corky said that was the best Dylan show he had been to.
For me it's pretty much like the Irving one. Same solo of harp 
before "When I paint my masterpiece". Bob moves center for a 
pause 4 times and will say "thank you" one time after a song.
The public is ...dead! Except for a couple of girls dancing a reaction except polite applause. My two right neighbors 
will leave in the middle of the show. :(
Bob will right away introduce the Band after 
" Jimmy Reed ".

Bobby is truly putting all his effort and energy in his voice 
and diction. "Mother of muses" could be a preach in a church 
and we could hear a pin dropping!
I'm glad I made it with Corky.
We drive back towards Houston to book a Motel6 room for 
the night and in the morning we split: Corky has to go back 
home for family problem and I am catching a greyhound bus 
to San Antonio.

Corky is an Angel, taking care of my needs! 
Thank you Good Samaritan, see you in Meridian!


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