Odense, Denmark

Arena Fyn

May 28, 2008

[Louis The King and his Gun]

Review by Louis The King and his Gun

One week after a fantastic gig there is still no review from the Odense
show... Are all Danes suffering from a writhers block...? Dylan in Odense,
the hometown of the great writher, H.C.Andersen... and nobody writhes
about it...??? Not going to happen, so here's my small contribution
altough I'm not a writher... and apologies for the spellings mistakes...

I've been looking out to see Bob again on Danish soil, it was more than
one year ago since Herning, and now the circus came to beautifull Odense,
capital of rural Fyn! Yippee! I wonder if Bob went to see Andersen Hus, a
very interesting museum about the man who made Denmark the land of
fairytales and were lovely mermaids flow... 

So we left Copenhagen around 11am. 2 beautifull mermaids and me, 3 devoted
Bobcats exited like kids leaving for a schooltrip! We left early because
the target was, of course to see Bob, but also to enjoy a bit of Odense.
It was a wonderfull day, bright sun, little windy tough... but the highway
was ours. It only takes 1,5h to drive to Odense and during the ride Bob
was the issue of course... I suggested to listen to some of the Canadian
shows, but that was not going to happen, my girlfriend did not want to
hear it, she wanted to be suprised... Ok, so we listend to the nice 'red
box collection while talking about the band, Bob and the weird Bobcats...
there's tweedle dee and tweedle dum, there's Cinderella, etc...

First thing when arriving in Odense was to find out the venue, you know...
it gives you a relaxed feeling if you have seen the place... Fyn Arena is
a sportshal witch can hold like 5000 people, but we knew it was not sold
out. A big parkingplace just in front of the venue. It was like 2am when
we arrived at the venue and there was a line of only 5 people, no familiar
faces... So we decided to go into town for some 2 hours. The house were
H.C.A. grewed up was on the girls wishing list and they were convinced to
meet Bob there... right... For those of you who did not see that house,
its a VERY small house, only 2 little rooms were he lived with his
parents. He's old man was a shoe maker. Its amazing 3 people survived in
such a small place... We spent some time in the nice green garden... yes,
just the 3 of us... ;-) Yet, we could not leave the place before asking
the lady who sold the tickets if she had a famous visitor lately... and
the anser was no. After that we roamed a little in the city and found a
nice terasse to enjoy a quick meal and a cold Tuborg... skol! Ive been
around for quite a long time to see Bob here there and everywere, and
always when we were walking in the citys you met other Bobcats, but here,
in Odense, I could not see any... strange..? Anyway, around 4pm we left
the city and headed to what would become the centre of the universe that

Arriving on the parkinglot, the line was still the same... 5 people... so
we just joinded the line. Then suddenly a longtime Dylan friend came
walking by! And he told us that there was another entrance on the other
side of the building, and the security told him that this entrance was
'easier', it was closer to the stage... So we joined him to that entrance
witch had a line of 7 people. 3 Danes, 2 Germans and 2 man from Holland.
The spot was not so nice over there, it was in the shadow and very
windy... but closer to stage... so we decided to stay there. Beside, I had
promised my girl I would run like hell to get a front row spot for her!
Its great to be surrounded with Bobcats while waiting... we had alot to
talk about... the time was easy passing by. But at 6.30pm the doors went
open, and then everybodie is on his own... no fellowship... we all want
that front row... fanatics!!! Lucky we were when holding that barrier at
the front few minutes later... and defending it as if it was of national
importance... While waiting I looked a bit around to see if I knew some of
the faces... but strangely there were none... well very few I knew, but
were are all the German Bobcats??? Ok, 8pm, lights out and a new opening
tune, for a second I tought it was the European tune... u know 'ta ta tata
ta ta taaaa ta, tataa tatatata tatatatata...' :-) but wrong was I... The
bandmembers took there spot... trilled I was... looking in the dark, try
to find that silhouet... and suddenly you see it its Him, the way he
walks... there's only 1 man on earth walking like that... there he stood,
behind his keybord, nice new grey hat and dark suit.... the man that
changed my live... Bob Dylan!!!! What an honour to be in the same building
as this great performing artist... I still feel the shivers down my spine
thinking about it!!! 

Tweedle Dee is the opener tonight... I go "oh no".... I'm not a big fan of
that song... but its a bit of new arrangment and without realising I feel
my feet tapping the rythm... very uptempo and a "greasy" guitar sound I
like. Bobs voice sounded a little tired to me on this song.

It Aint Me was next. Bob sings it very clear with nice accents on the
right words and hits the keyboard like a madman... ;-) Like the sound of
it tough... gives a happy feeling.

Rollin' and Tumblin' is next, You just can't stand still on this song...
and I love the sound of Freemans guitar, he sure controls it perfeclty!

Next song was a big supprise! "We carried you in our aaarms, on
independance day...." It was a fantastic performance of this pearl, great
singing, great guitar solos, great atmosphere. First highlight to me!!!

High water was very dynamic and I did hear Bob's voice very well, he was
nailing the lyrics to the music! Its funny how he's changing the accents
on the words during the song, and thats something he does on alot of songs
on this tour. First I tought is was some kind of a joke, but now listening
to these shows I realize how perfectly correct it is!!! Mastership... Bob
is a genious!

I looooove Spirit on the Water. I'm still alot in love on my mermaid and I
wispered some of the words into her ears during this one... :-) Our
momentum... Also the Danes react during 'over the Hill' part, but good old
Bob does not react tough. The guitarsound of Freeman is again
wonderfull.... great solo's... wish I could play my Tacamine like that...

The next song I could not directly recognice, but my girl could...
Positivly 4th Street. This song means alot to me... it always brings me
back to the time I became a Bobcat... very emotional! And what a
version... man man man.... F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C. Bob is really singing this
one, spreading each last word long out....    "..... don't you understand,
thats not my proooooooooooblemmmmmm" Tears in my eyes on this second
highlight.... Thanks Bob!!!

The Leavee's gonna break swings like never before... very uptempo and
great singing!

Next is another highlight to me, Workingmans Blues. What a great
atmosphere these wonderful musicians set down!!! Bob sings this one very
concentrated, very clear and meaningfull.. I noticed an interesting change
in lyrics. The ending of the line "I sleep in the kitchen with my feet in
the hall , Sleep is like a temporary death" he change into: "I sleep in
the kitchen with my feet in the hall, If I tell you my whole story you'll
weep"... God I love this song.... I would live on rice and beans just to
hear this song once a day... :-)

Mobile keeps us company the next 10 minutes. Its a ok version, no special

The start of the next song was messed up because Tony was not ready yet.
He just changed instrument, the big acoustic stand-up bas was handed to
him and he was adjusting the amplifier when George and Donnie alreade
started the song... But we all know Tony is the musical stage director...
so he decided to stop the song, and start it over.... You can hear the
counting on his bas strings,.. 1-2-3-4.. I could not recognize the song
imidiatly, but as soon Bob started singing, I did... Beyond The Horizon.
It was another highlight!!! This arragment sounds like a lullaby.... love

Its alright Ma is my absolutely preferred Dylan song. Its in my top 3...
So I'm always happy when they play it... This version is very dynamic and
Bob's singing is powerfull! But my all time version is still the last year
Amsterdam version, were he's rappin' the song.... Jezus!!!!

When The Deals Go down was also sung very clear and again, great guitar
solo's by Denny. 

The 2 next songs hyper up everybody on stage. You can see on there faces
they like to play Summer Days and Watchtower. Both of these songs are
perfectly played and with what speed is Bob singing Summer days.... Try it
out... its amazing! Whohoooooo, were rocking away with Bob and the band...
but the majority of the croud is standing still.... like there in
church.... good god... MOOOOVE people!!!! Don't understand these people,
how can you stand there in the front, leaning with one hand on the barrier
and the other holding you head during Summer Days?????  

The 2 encores are no supprises, but I sure like the Thunder On The
Moutain, what a great arrangment! Very fast, good god, Bob sings this one
fast!!! (Don't try this at home..) Also here he's playing with the
frasing, funny, but it works. Go Bob Go...!!!!!

"Thank you frieeeends", band intro's and were rocking and singing along to
that best rocksong ever in musical history.... Thank YOU BOB for a great

We usually hang around some time at the front just after the show to meet
some longime Dylanfriends, but... exept my good German friend and some
Danish Bobcats I know, there's nobody... The times they are a changing I
guess... but the people were passing are glowing and smiling... and in the
end I do see a familiar face... Frederica... :-)

Anyway, all 3 of us are very happy and thankfull we could be part of this
unforgettable evening with a great great performing artist... Go see him
if you can, he's energying your lives!

See you somewere down the road.

Louis The King and his Gun


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