Lyon, France

Halle Tony Garnier

June 20, 2010

[Catherine De Smet]

Review by Catherine De Smet

A great Bob night in Lyon. My seat on first row behind the standings gave me the
idea not to be far from stage. Not knowing this is the former slaughterhouse and
industrial building reniewed in a music venue for 20.000 people. When Bob
started as usual that thrill, THERE HE IS... at the same time Charlie Sexton
there again!! For a while I remained on my seat, then asked myself if I did the
travelling to end up here? The answer was NO.  A surprise that it was easy to
reach slowly at the side of standings the second row where young people created
an all-into-Bob atmosphere and knowing that my friends stood somewhere before
Bob. I remained there until the end meanwhile touched by a tender Simple Twist
Of Fate, and a heavenly Blind Willy Mc Tell.  Dylan's voice is still dawn and
raspy but still so beautiful and unique. His voice touches the one inside that
we really are.  Only Bob can reach that one.  On Thunder On The Mountain and a
favourite of mine Ballad Of A Thin Man he showed he is the absolute Master.  I do
adore him for. Thanks Bob.  A nice meeting with old and new french friends after
to share this spiritual experience made it complete.

Catherine De Smet 


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