Kansas City, Missouri

Starlight Theatre

June 21, 2016

[Cortney McKay], [Andrew Hammond], [Patrick Shea]

Review by Cortney McKay

It was a hot evening on what I believe was Bob's third appearance at Starlight 
Theater. I don't think the sun burned anyone's brains out though. 

I'll always miss having some form of introduction if only for the pure adrenaline 
rush that it provided.  I was hoping that the band would break out into Free 
Bird like what was reported at the Berkeley show, but with no such luck. 

After the first half when Bob went to the microphone to mumble, the guy 
next to me had to inquire about what had just happened. I explained that it 
was okay, because no one really knew what Bob had just said, but that 
basically it translated into "intermission."   

I had high hopes for a band introduction in the encore, but I guess Bob no
longer feels the need. I hope that everyone recognizes the supporting talent 
that goes into every show, especially Tony and Charlie (who appeared to be 
wearing sunglasses). 

I think that Bob has really hit his stride with covering Frank Sinatra ground. Bob 
is a good singer. He hits all the notes. The songs that he has been covering 
provide him an opportunity to demonstrate just what a good singer he is.  The 
timeless songs seem appropriate for where he is at with his life and I'm glad that 
he has evolved into them. The sounds of these songs are really phenomenal 
pieces of art that seem to stop time in the moment and beckon the sounds of 
Billie Holiday at the microphone with warm light to illuminate them. Bob really 
delivers on "Autumn Leaves." 

The other quicker-paced songs were also presented well. I think I would have 
left satisfied if all Bob had done was come out and say "come back baby, ever 
hurt your feelings, I apologize." I may have been most impressed with "Love 
Sick" and was regretting not bringing a homemade "soy bomb" shirt with me. 
The band really rocked it out on "Love Sick" and it made for a great end to a 
great evening. 

The Kansas City Star wrote an excellent review of the more detailed 
information for the show. 


Review by Andrew Hammond

It was a hot night in Kansas City. I'm not familiar with much of Mavis
Staples' work other than the Staples Singers. She opened with a powerful
song, threw in some fun between-song chatter, and closed with the Staples'
I'll Take You There, which got almost everyone on their feet. The stage may
be climate controlled but she definitely worked up a sweat in the
oppressive heat.
The opening for Bob was interesting. The sun hadn't quite set when Stu
stepped out onto the corner of the stage, almost unnoticed, and started the
chords for Things Have Changed. No announcement, no gong. George climbed
onto the drum set, Bob and the Band walked out together and off we went.
Bob looked fit and strong at 75, dressed in a white jacket with matching
wide brimmed hat, black pants with white stripe and white boots. Very
strong and rousing version of Things Have Changed.
The set list didn't change much so I'll just touch on some highlights:
She Belongs To Me- Two fantastic harp solos by Bob.
Tangled Up In Blue- Another great harp solo and more new lyrics toward the
end which I couldn't quite make out. I'm still hung up on “Tomorrow might
as well be today”.
Scarlet Town- I've never been crazy about this song but last night it was a
favorite. The volume was louder than usual for the band and it was almost
like five guys all soloing at the same time. Very nice.
Bob carried the Torch songs nicely but the real star of these old standards
is the Band. As on the past two albums, they sound straight out of the
1940's. Donnie's pedal steel is particularly outstanding on these songs. For
the encores, a ho-hum version of Blowin' In the Wind, a song which I would
be happy to never hear again, and a hot version of Love Sick with dueling
solos by Charlie and Stu.
The show was very similar to last year but I was much happier sitting 30 or
so rows back as compared to the front row. The stage set is out of this
world, with different lighting effects for each song which altered the
curtains and lights in front of them.
I'm always thrilled to see Uncle Bob, no matter what he wants to play, but
I'd love to see him go a different direction now. Hopefully he'll write
some new songs or work up some new versions of his many classics.

Andrew Hammond


Review by Patrick Shea

Loved Mavis and surprised crowd didn't go bonkers at I'll Take You Ther
Dylan? Understand that I idolize the man -the show was a bit above average.   
Yes, Bob does what he wants-we all get that by now. But...he should play
more of his older stuff!  I don't even care if he sings it in hard-to-recognize 
styles! 7 of 20 songs were this new "Sinatra" stuff.  I even like them but 2-3 
of those would be just fine.  5 of 20 were all from most recent "normal" 
album, Tempest.   Only 3 of 20 were from the iconic canon. I think it's 
fair to expect more than that.  Still, the band sounded GREAT!


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