Arganda del Rey, Spain

Rock in Rio '08 Music Festival
Ciudad del Rock

July 6, 2008

[Monica Schmitt]

Review by Monica Schmitt

I went to the Salzburg and Madrid concerts this year because Bob did not give 
a single concert in Germany. It was a warm sunny Spanish summer evening and 
we went to the concert after we spent the whole day on a Spanish finca close 
to Arganda del Rey.

The venue was outside of Arganda del Rey, it was specially set up for the Rock in 
Rio Festival and rather commercial, with a giant stage which I did not like. But the 
sound of the music was great.

Bob played mostly songs from Highway 61 and from Modern Times. 

The audience was very young, younger than in Salzburg, and enthusiastic. 

Unlike in other concerts there was no control of cameras, the big screens at both 
sides of the stage were on and Bob seemed to be quite happy, he laughed a lot, 
I never saw him smile and laugh that much during the concerts (I don't know the 

During the encore Like a Rolling Stone, the audience sang loud "How does it feel" 

I went to see the concert with a good friend of mine who invited me to the show 
although she is a fan of Sting who performed the day before. We enjoyed the 
concert. After the show we took the free bus back to Madrid and did not bother 
to see Franz Ferdinand and Lenny Kravitz.


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