Pistoia, Italy

Pistoia Blues Festival
Piazza Duomo
July 15, 2006

[Alberto Cuccu], [Fabrizio Scanzio], [Nina Hochstrasser], [Marina Montesano]

Review by Alberto Cuccu

What to say about Dylan in Pistoia.....
I would define it a standard concert more or less using the automatic
pilot that Bob learned so well using these days.

The sound of his concerts changed so drammatically since he stopped 
playing guitar, his riffs on acoustic sets are so terribly missing to me....

The two guitar players are just doing their standard job nothing more.
Kimball sound is not bad but Freeman is no good at all. His solos have no
feeling, he his even out of tempo many times.

Bob is singing well once is voice has warmed up and plays harmonica 
better than in the past, but the jingle jungle and the wonderful Bob
sound is gone compared to 2000, 2001, 2002 or compared to 

The venue is wonderful, and full of people, the set list nice, the 
concert enjoyable but the summer days and summer nights are gone........
By the way only 14 songs this evening, everytime in Pistoia one song
less..... just like in 1996.... they don't pay enough maybe.....

Alberto Cuccu


Review by Fabrizio Scanzio

Maybe the worst Dylan performance I have seen... Bob had no voice, he sang
like a drunk, without paying any attention to the melody, the rythm, the
song... the musicians seemed to play their parts individually, regardless
to what the others were doing... The show started with something that was
supposed to be MAGGIE'S FARM... Awful... Worst version I ever heard. The
same for IT'S ALRIGHT MA and MR. TAMBOURINE... It turned a little bit
better with JUST LIKE A WOMAN... The setlist was dull: the usual bunch of
classics, as if Bob had written no more songs after 1970... But in the
end, who cares? Since every song is butchered, he could play anything...
My question is: why do we keep going to theese shows? I think I will stick
to the official bootlegs for the next ten years, and be satisfied...
Fabrizio (Biella)


Review by Nina Hochstrasser

Cool down, ragazzi! Is it just that the Italians are more critical or was
I so impressed by Pistoia and its ambiance which made me think of this
show as one of the best I ever saw?

Though "Down along the cove" was way too long and bored me a lot, the rest
of the show convinced not only me but most of the audience (at least what
I could see of them).

"Times" and "Tambourine Man" - beautiful!
"It's Alright, Ma" - astonishing how much of the lyrics he remembered,
compared to other concerts. "Ballad of a Thin Man" - first time I heard
that one live: convincing, too. The encores were solid as usual, although
"Watchtower" sounded a bit weak, as if the gentlemen would have preferred
to end the show after "Rolling Stone". Speaking of "Rolling Stone": It was
the first time I ever heard Bob actually sing along the hookline of its
big hit. Another premiere was to see him inviting to sing along "Just Like
a Woman" - an invitation which i Pistoiesi didn't refuse.

Altogether I certainly have to admit: He can do and has done better. But
on the other hand there is still soul and heart in the interpretations and
arrangements of the songs.

I'll be there again!


Comments by Marina Montesano

Not a perfect but a very good night: it paved the way for great shows to 
come in Rome and Paestum. Bob was in nice mood and pretty strong voice, 
though the acoustic was far from good. Apart from a few people (those who 
want the songs to sound just like they used to be: why not staying home 
and listen to the records?), the Piazza seemed to appreciate the concert, 
with a lot of singalongs during the hooks. Ballad of a Thin Man was definitely 
a highlight for me and LARS a lot of fun. 


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