Lethbridge, Alberta

Enmax Centre

August 11, 2012


Review by Jay

So, where do I start? Let's see. I was supposed to go to Lloydminster as
well, but since I am going back to school, I couldn't afford to drive
there. I'm disappointed about that, but at least I get to see him in

He started off with Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat. Immediately into this song,
people everywhere started taking pictures and video. The guy beside me kept
talking to his son. It was really annoying. My seat in the 6th row was
right beside the aisle. It was a nice version of LSPH, but it sounded like
many others.

To Ramona started off beautifully, and it felt so right! Bob was playing
the grand and he played the piano like he really can. This set the scene
for most of the show. He played the piano mostly and it sounded great to
hear it so prominently in the mix. He wasn't tinkering. He was playing all
kinds of melody lines and nice chords throughout the show. This version was
beautiful. There's no help I can 'briiiiiiiiiiiing' Then he started playing
the harmonica at the same time as playing the piano. He was pretty animated
throughout the show. This was one of the highlights of the show for me, to
hear this song. I love it so much.

Things Have Changed. This was very much like other versions I have heard
recently. It had a western ghost riders in the sky kind of beat. I heard
someone else explain it as such. Well this was very much like other
versions. He got up from behind the piano after To Ramona and went to the
mic up front. This was complete with posing with legs spread wide apart
once he started playing harmonica. He moved around a lot and it was very

Tangled Up In Blue. Bob went back to the piano mid way through this song.
He started at the front of the stage and then walked over mid song to start
playing. I like the way they played this version of the song compared to
some of the others I have heard in recent times. I think they changed the
key. When he started playing the piano, it really started sounding great! I
never thought I would say that! He must have really felt like playing the
piano. I loved what he played. It was fantastic. I think they mixed the
band in such a way so as to not drown out the piano. It was prominent and
it sounded great! Have I mentioned that already? As soon as he got on the
piano, we knew he was on!

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. Very cool version of the song. Bob sang the
verse great with a different melody and the piano really added some much
needed melody to his live show, to my ears anyway. I like this way better
than earlier years I think. It was great. Piano solo with prominent piano
fills throughout. Listen to the very ending when he sings Tweedle Dum and
Tweedle Dee-e-e-e. It's a classic Dylan phrasing that I have only heard him
do when he's on. You will have heard it on other great live material if you
know your stuff. Now if I knew my stuff better I could remember the other
songs that he has done that like phrasing part on. But it escapes me.

Love Sick. Bob playing piano and harmonica at the same time.

Hollis Brown. Sounded good.

Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll. Before this song started he was playing
some nice like fills. Once this started it was beautiful. Now ain't the
time for your 'Teeeeeeeeaarrrs'. This was a great version of the song. One
of the highlights of the night was the way he sang 'tears'. It was awesome!
One of the best versions of the song, and he played the piano beautifully
on it. He was very improvisational vocally on this tune. The way he sang
the verse about Hattie Carroll's children especially and also into the next
verse. Wonderful arrangement. The rehearsal in that theatre awhile back
must have given him the opportunity to come up with this new sound. Once
again, he played piano and harmonica at the same time for the solo and
finally the end of the song. Beautiful. One of the best songs of the night.

The Levee's Gonna Break. Piano prominent and again it sounded great. Piano
solos were all over this one. There were some excellent piano parts on this
including one well timed and amazing fast descending piano line. At one
point Charlie and Bob were playing the same line matching each other,
guitar to piano. It was brief but sweet.

Highwater. I think Bob moved out front to sing this one. Played harmonica
on this one. The beat of this one is different now. Donnie played the banjo
on this one which stuck out on the verses. I have heard this arrangement on
some other non Dylan song. The bass line especially. I forget the name of
the song. I think it's probably a late 50's country type thing.

Hard Rain. Bob goes back to piano for this song. I have heard him play an
exemplary version of this at the New Orleans jazz or folk festival in
2003/2004 or so. It was just like that version, in the same key on the
piano but a little slower. But not as all out as that version. But still
great. This was a highlight too. Bob made some nice piano melodies between
a verse. You can tell they rehearsed this one and came up with a unison
ending for it.

Highway 61. Bob sang and played a matching piano line on this one. I liked
it. It was a good effect! Very bluesy version. Stewart and Charlie played
their blues rhythm chops on this one. Both guys had some great guitars
onstage and changed them every so often. I am actually surprised that Bob
didn't wish Charlie a happy birthday at all. I guess they left that for
backstage/tour bus stuff. But then again, Bob's not a talker so, there's no
point in wasting valuable music time. I would rather hear the music than
hear talking. People talk too much.

Simple Twist Of Fate. Another highlight of the night. Bob played the
guitar for this one. It was quite the elaborate guitar which looked like it
had carvings on it as far as I could see. The German guitar maker that
starts with D. Bob played a really good guitar solo on this song too. I
think it's one of the best he's ever played. I thought that maybe Donnie
was playing the solo but no it was Bob. Bob played his instruments great. I
was very impressed and I know my stuff when it comes to playing
instruments. I'm not bragging at all and I say it as humbly as I can, I
just want to convey that I don't say that lightly as many people who don't
play an instrument do all the time. They are easily impressed.

Bob really was giving us the goods. There were no half measures.

Thunder On The Mountain. This was a great version, right up there for me
as a highlight if not the highlight of the evening. He was really singing
this one! Man, this was so fantastic! Bob went back to the piano for this.
I had the good fortune of sitting beside a loudmouth who would not shut up.
He was there with his boy, getting up, standing, laughing, yelling,
whooping it up, coming and going from the seat. It was beyond annoying
after the first hour. Finally I had enough at one point when his girlfriend
sat directly in front of us and was reaching back right in my face taking
pictures of them and talking. One other guy came and told the guy to sit
down, as he was standing with no consideration for anyone else. I lost my
temper at one point and told the guy and his girlfriend to change us seats.
Finally, into Ballad Of A Thin Man, we were able to watch the show
undisturbed. I can understand having a good time, but not at the expense of
everyone else. He could have gone to the front of the stage to do that like
everyone else.

Ballad Of A Thin Man. So there was a great vocal effect on this that
repeated each of Bob's lines. I remember hearing it for the first time when
I saw Bob in Bismarck in 2000. This was a good version of the song. Upon
listening to it and thinking about the sword swallower line again and
laughed out loud thinking that I am sure that sword swallower on his knees
is not swallowing a sword with high heels on. Mr. Jones knows what's
happening by now. Especially after he gives the sword swallower his throat
back. But anyway, Bob was on harmonica and piano at the same time again.
Some nice piano parts on this. But he's not doing it the way he did in the

Like A Rolling Stone. They started what was kind of like a psych-out. It
seemed like it was going to be a different song, then they broke into the
song. It was subtle. The piano version was very good. The piano chords
really fill out the sound. I think it's a great sound and a nice change for
the band from all the guitar stuff. It's nice to do something a bit
different. 'The mystery tramp and now you realize.' Great phrasing on that
line! You could hear the grand piano throughout still. I love the grand
piano sound that Bob is using. It's awesome.

All Along The Watchtower. They also had some nice dynamics going on. They
would all play softer and Bob would play a few piano notes. Very nice
sound. I love it. I could listen to this a lot. I hope he makes it a
regular thing to play the grand.

The band left the stage at this point.

The audience screamed for more and got treated to a refreshing version of
Blowin In The Wind. I would say the band and the sound could be described
as being refreshed and revitalized by the prominent piano sound. Bob was
again playing the piano and harmonica at the same time. Donnie played the
fiddle for this one. Donnie being fresh off of a BR549 original member
reunion show.

And that was the end. I was stoked and highly enjoyed that show! Dylan was
great and reminded me of why I love his talent so much.

As I left my seat in the venue, I had it in my mind that I wanted to see
the soundboard which was in the process of being taken down. As I got
closer, my eyes locked with a strange looking scraggly guy with long dirty
blond hair and scruffy beard, who proceeded to give me a creepy evil eye as
I passed. It almost seemed like he had one eye on the soundboard and one
looking at me. But he stopped what he was doing to look at me as he worked
to pack up the big state of the art board with LCD lights and all the bells
and whistles. This is the guy behind the soundboard who was packing it up.
We must have looked at each other for what seemed like 5 seconds. I was
walking and looking and he was standing there looking at me. It was odd. He
didn't look at all friendly. I do admit it might have been nice to talk to
him, but after getting a look like that, no thanks, I'll just pass and let
him go last. I don't know if he was waiting for me to say something, or if
he was giving me a look of complete distrust. I took the distrust and
walked on.

Oh also, weird staff for that show. There was someone there mopping the
floor in the middle of the show after someone spilled their beer. The mop
must have been about 8 feet long and stuck up way high into the air. I've
never seen that before.

Great show! One I'll never forget!


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