Cincinnati, Ohio

National City Pavilion

August 22, 2008

[Gibby Fairfield], [Reid Evans]

Review by Gibby Fairfield

National City Pavilion @ RiverbendCincinnati OH My 10th show, and luckily
this one was right here in my own backyard.  Riverbend is always cool, and
one seems to always get lost in a darkened Coney Island after the show.  A
concert in the middle of an amusement park... most interesting.  I had no
homies to go with me tonight, so alone I went for the first time ever. 
Being by myself changed the dynamics totally, it became a much more
personal experience.  When one is utterly alone, and not part of a group
of friends - you become one with the crowd, and feed off that communal
energy much more deeply.  That's the best way to describe it...   A packed
house.  Grammy displayed.  Hot and humid as humanly possible.  What a
night. Absorbing this all in through half-teary eyes and goosebumped
flesh... what else can so strongly move someone as music?  That
all-encompassing power that inspires such acts of greatness?  Music is my
religion... and I know alot of you ninjas out there know exactly what I
mean.  Some personal highlights for me were Chimes Of Freedom, I Believe
In You & Just Like A Woman just for their relative rarity throughout the
setlists.  Wish we could have gotten a Love Minus Zero/No Limit like the
folks did Tuesday night up in NY, but of course that was not to be.  The
vocals seemed to be turned up quite loud in the mix tonight, almost in a
dominating way.  It worked real nicely for Times/Changin' though, that's
gotta be the best I've ever heard Bobby sing that.  It must also be noted
that he sang the same verse twice in a row during Mobile/Memphis... it
seemed probably accidental - but who knows.   And finally, congratulations
to cool Security.  In fact, no Security is a better way to put it.  And
that's the way it should be.  Too many shows have dudes wanting to get in
your pockets, or panicking over the sight of a cellphone, or freaking over
strange aromas of natural herbs and such.  Tonight was beautiful.  We all
behaved ourselves just fine without Authoritys help.  Peace out... and
long live Mr. Robert Allen Zimmerman.  

Gibby Fairfield
Fairfield OH 


Review by Reid Evans

Drove up from South Carolina to see my one and only show for the year. I
was going to Louisville on Saturday but I was scared of what I might do if
I...I just heard the words fundamental decency and Joe Biden in the same
sentence, wow...sat down at an actual poker table.

I had never been to Cincinnati before; it's a neat city- I wish I had a
copy of the WKRP theme to play as I crossed the river. I got to the venue
a little late, no worries, Bob did not come on till about 8:15 or so. The
amphitheater was nothing too special, seems just like the ones I have been
to in Charlotte and Atlanta. I guess there is not much you can do with an

Dear God it was hot, and HUMID. I am from South Carolina, which has been
said to be a screen door away from hell, but Cincinnati had nothing on
Columbia that night. I literally rained the whole show, probably lost 3

I had seats close to the stage but opted to go up in the bleachers so I
would not be staring at Bob's back all night, though there was not really
a bad seat in the place.

Bob came and out and gave us a strong Cat's In the Well. Bob started an
early trend for this show of coming in with the vocal very quickly. Not on
every song, but maybe about a third of the tunes got no instrumental
workthrough to start.

Things Have Changed was good, nice harp solo in the end. Bob did the
choppy vocal on a few verses. I (pause) Used (pause) to (pause)....

I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, I usually think of this as a filler song, but
tonight it was a highlight, nice harp some nice phrasing with the chorus.

Love Sick, not spectacular but I was glad he played it.

Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again, I was listening to
Hard Rain on the way up and I was reminded how much that song speaks to
me. Still does 42 years later. Can you believe that song is 42 YEARS OLD?

High Water, nice vocal...this might be the ultimate "current Bob voice

Chimes Of Freedom, easily the gem of the night. I'm sure most of the crowd
had no idea it was/is a current concert "rarity", nonetheless, they got
the fact that it was special. This was probably the most reaction to a
song from the crowd. Huge applause after the first chorus.

Rollin' And Tumblin', Bob if you do read these little fan reviews, don't
take this the wrong way. Denny Freeman was born to play this song. The
vocal is awesome too, and I am sure that one would be nothing without the
other, but I was absolutely floored by what Denny did on the slide with
that number. I thought I had the part memorized, but he brought a new life
to it on this night.

I Believe In You - Jesus talked to me during this one, I got a little
glimpse of eternity, which is always nice...and terrifying.

Honest With Me, a nice follow up to I Believe In You.

Just Like A Woman, at one point Bob actually relented and sang along with
the crowd.

'Til I Fell In Love With You...the other gem from tonight. Totally bluesed
out, AWESOME vocals, find the boot.

Nettie Moore, it was good. I could have used Summer Days here.

Thunder On The Mountain, this made up for no Summer Days.

Like A Rolling Stone, this is the part of the show that is like marriage
for me. (Closest I'll ever get) You sort of what you should expect here,
so it's hard to get too excited about it.

All Along The Watchtower, the prophetic classic...still probably the best
way to end a show.

Hey Bob, next year come to Columbia (SC) or at least zigzag the southeast.

Reid Evans


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