Leipzig, Germany

Leipzig Arena

October 27, 2011

[Mirka Kejvalova]

Review by Mirka Kejvalova

My fifth Bob Dylanīs concert. Because Bob didn't concert in Czech 
republic this year, we went around 460 kms to Leipzig in Germany.
Shortly about concert  
Mark Knopfler  boredom, I think his music has no energy, he still 
plays the same way. Maybe two songs were interesting, one of them 
was some blues, which reminded me Chris Rea style on CD  Stony 
Road . Knopfler is  B class for me, sorry. But I respect his 
fans, no problem (there were lots of his German fans). 
Bob and his band came on the stage (after short break) around 9 p.m.
Bob looked tired at first half of concert, I think because of 
Leipzig concert was his third concert at a row. Setlist was usual 
except Girl from the North country, I think Bob played this one 
first time in this summer tour. Bob played first five songs with 
Knopfler and it was working no well for sound of band. I must say I 
donīt like it very much, when Knopfler plays with Bob, because I 
feel that he takes Bobīs songs special sound, their spirit and a 
spark. When Knopfler left the stage, Bob alived. But Knopflerīs 
fans get bored, some old Germans, who was sitting before us, left 
concert after song Tryinīget to heaven. I donīt know, why these 
people didnīt leave concert already after Knopflerīs set, I think 
they didnīt know any Dylanīs song and evidently didnīt like 
Dylan. But back to the concert. I wish to hear Tangled up in blue, 
Iīve never seen live this song. Bob did it! Big thanks Bob! Another
highlight for me was song Love Sick  great rendition! When Bob sung
A hard rain a-gonna fall, some people (true fans, who love Bob and 
his music) were rushed to the stage and concert was getting better 
and better. I think Bob likes if people dancing and singing with him
along. We had a great view on stage, but when I saw the fans, who 
were under the stage, I said my boyfriend  Letīs go! and weīre 
rushed with other people to the stage. But some stupid girl from 
security didnīt let us to go to the stage. She started to push to 
us and she was screeming  Nein, nein, nein! . She still pushed us 
back and yelling her stupid directions. Was she crazy? I think sheī
never attend any concert! We had a short discussion with her, but 
she was a moron and we didnīt want to lose time with her. So we 
pushed her and rushed to the stage. Bob started singing Thunder on 
the mountain, woow, powerful version, people were dancing like crazy
under stage, many people were standing on the chairs, dancing too. 
Great time for us! Concert continued stunning rendition Ballad of a 
thin man. Last two songs were All along the watchtower and Like a 
rolling stone, as usually. Both great too. Standing ovations and 
concert was over.
Thanks Bob for your time which you spended with us, thanks for all. 
I hope, weīll meet in beautiful city Brno - one day.

Mirka Kejvalova
The Czech republic 


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