Edmonton, Alberta

Rexall Place

October 29, 2008

[Reagan LaPrairie]

Review by Reagan LaPrairie

I was off to See Bob for the sixth time in the last 32 years
The first time I saw Bob was in Toronto at his Rolling thunder review when
I was 14 years old.
Now I was bringing My Daughter Naomi to see him.
Life is a full circle. 
My Daughter and I went to the concert in Edmonton.
We arrived at our second row seats off to the right of the stage.
I was surprised at how many young people were there and how many parents
were with their kids.
It looked like Bob had a good turn-out in the arena.
Bob came out with his band and opened with Rainy day woman.
His voice sounded good and the song had everyone moving.
He seemed like all business at first with very little expression.
It's all over now was awesome. 
Then came Stuck inside of Mobile with the MB Again. He knocked that one
out of the park.
The way he was chopping out the words at the end was wild.
The next three were OK but they sure could of used more Guitar volume.
Still enjoyable though.
Tangle up in blue was great. Totally different arrangement. Bobby was
starting to loosen up.
Honest with me was solid.
Then came just like a woman- IN the top three that night. I think Bob has
a hard time trying to twist that one 
Up so you can't recognize it, the song is to strong and has its own life.
I get the feeling he has come to terms with it
My daughter liked that one the most.
Thing have changed was good. He really gets the point across that he
really does not care.
When the deal Goes down was OK.
The lights went down and the band made a huddle with Bob. ( next song to
Then came Desolation Row. 
My all time Favourite .I couldn't believe he was playing it 20 feet from
The Band turned it in to a calypso Reggae beat that worked the song real
The band was facing Bob on stage and watching his every move.
It was awesome. I don't know how Bob remembers all of the words to that
On the last two verses the beat totally changed and I could have sworn the
last two verses were 
Sung with the music and beat of Patty Cake Patty Cake bakers man. I know
that sounds ridiculous
But the song  was completely transformed again and I never heard anything
like that before from Bob.
It was pure Genius or complete insanity.
When the song finished the lights went out and I could see all of the band
laughing , including Lonesome
Bob. The Banjo player and Bob were still laughing.
When the spotlights came on again it was straight faces again from Bob and
the band.
Bob has got to be playing with us.
That was the best song of the night.!!!
Highway 61 got the crowd rocking.
Bob was doing his moves. My daughter said that is moves were more
exciting to watch then
Christine Agrelera even though it was his shoulders and head that that
were moving.(Less is more a guess)
The next two songs were good, but I was still recovering from Desolation
The encore came.
Like a rolling stone was lacking the guitars to push it.
And same with all along the watch tower.
Bob needs to turn up the Guitars 
Or get the Guy with the long hair back on lead.
Overall the concert was great.
And Bob played Guitar on one song. ( we need more Bob ).
What can I say. Any time Bob is on stage is a treat for all of us.
They will be talking about him and his lyrics a thousand years from now.
Thanks Bob.


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