Kalamazoo, Michigan

Western Michigan University
Miller Auditorium

October 29, 2010

[Charles Cicirella]

Review by Charles Cicirella

Is that Leon Russell? Kalamazoo, Michigan October 29, 2010

If you go to lots of Bob Dylan shows sometimes you will attend a performance
where you just find yourself scratching your head talking to yourself in a
monologue. Well the night before in Ann Arbor I was feeling like that which is
quite surprising when my favorite song Senor was performed in the number two
center stage spot, but even that crackling performance could not save Ann Arbor
for me. Now if you go to lots of Bob shows and you have had this happen to you
then you also have had the experience of attending a show right after and being
reminded exactly why you are so over the sun and moon for this mystical man and
his mercurial music. 

Kalamazoo was a rip snorting, barn burning, whip lashing good time and
absolutely lit the wick for the killer shows that have followed. Someone said to
me after the show in Akron that Bob and this band were in top form right now and
if you have been fortunate enough to have attended Kalamazoo, Chicago, Indy and
Akron you have experienced this for yourself (it will be interesting to see what
comes next). It is also great to see the set lists finally not being so
structured and the return of Tweedle Dee (love when he opens with this one) and
When The Deal Goes Down. 

Highlights of this concert were for me those mentioned above plus Beyond Here
Lies Nothin, Tangled Up In Blue and to be honest I loved it all and found myself
completely engaged throughout entire set because, unlike Ann Arbor, the band and
Bob were completely engaged and invested in the music and magic swirling all
around us. 

Charles Cicirella


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