Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Broward Center for the Performing Arts
Au-Rene Theater

November 23, 2016

[Tom & Judy Lallier], [Laurette Maillet], [Bill Royaloak], [Ken D.], [Mitchell Cohen], [Sancy Cramer]

Review by Tom & Judy Lallier

I did not plan it, but as it happens We saw the beginning and end of the
current US tour. Bob's current US tour started at St Michelle vineyards
for two nights in Washington on a lovely summer evening.  Nice venue and
learned about the high energy of a lady named Mavis Staples.  Bob was in
rare form crooning like The Chairman of the Board himself. Great sets in
Seattle and Eugene. Then fast forward to Dessert Trip for some of the best
performance art ever executed since Andy Warhol. Straight out of 1967.
Make sure you get the video when it comes out. St. Michelle and Palm
Springs were two entirely different sets and both enjoyable in there own

As chance would  have it we ended up in Ft. Lauderdale the last night of
the tour the day before Turkey day visiting our daughter. Sorry we missed
you Kev and Pru. The band used the best of both sets from Seattle and Palm
Springs, combining in a wonderful amalgam of old and new songs. Everyone
on stage looked relaxed , ready to rock. The first half of the set was
upbeat with Bob dancing and keeping rhythm with his legs while he pounded
out on the keyboards. My favorite was High Water, where the band inserted
funky new breaks to each verse. Charlie was outstanding throughout,
playing great counterpoint to Bob's lyrics and piano. Why Change Me Now
was sung almost as a challenge to the audience and marked a turn in the
mood. The songs turned introspective with a great version of Desolation
Row that the crowd really liked. My favorite Duquesne  Whistle was the
tightest song of the night with the entire band into the songs rhythms
going several rounds longer than ever. Bob turned on the white lights for
Long and Wasted Years singing with a caustic edge delivering each line
with real force of conviction. The last part of the show was like a great
bottle of aged wine or a sunset in the Grand Canyon, each must be enjoyed
slowly ending with a beautiful after glow. Thanks Bob, we hope to see you
again soon.  A great Thanks giving to all. 

Tom & Judy Lallier


Review by Laurette Maillet

In Fort Myers I bumped into an old Fan I have met in 1981 in Santa Monica
when Bob was performing there. I always remembered him as an interested
character, one of a kind. He was profoundly into Dylan and then published,
maybe the first Fanzine ; Zimmerman blues. He had met and talked to Dylan
many times in the 80’s, then moved to Miami when Dylan closed the
Rundown studio in 1983. That was a simple twist of fate that I was seated
next to him at the Fort Myers show. Of course, he invited me to his place
in Fort Lauderdale, for the show. He picked me up at the Greyhound bus
station and drove me to his place. We started talking about the Man ; in
the past, present and future. Even if Bryan Styble continuously had been
going to the shows over the years, he lost contact with what I call ‘the
entourage’. Since the 90’s the situation changed around Dylan on stage
and of stage and what used to be a cool and almost family atmosphere in
the 80’s turned a secretive conspiracy against the Fans’ curiosity at
the beginning of the Neverendingtour. We leave the house at 6.30 p.m. and
we get lost in Fort Lauderdale. Bryan has a weird sense of direction and
no GPS. What was supposed to be an agreeable evening turns a nightmare. We
are both screaming in the car ; madness at the end of the day. We reach
the venue at 8.30 p.m. long time after Bob took the stage and long time
after I could find myself my everlasting free ticket. I am in a state of
wreck. This is the last show of the Tour, the reason why I am still in
this country (note that I am not a fan of Trump and I don’t believe
Hillary is a lot better). That would be my 14th show on that Fall U.S.A.
Tour. Not that I expect Bob to do anything special but it is a bye bye
show,or, who knows, a farewell show, as the future is uncertain for my
Hero and I. We live in a political world. Miracles happen and I may have a
good star above my head. As I desperately try to get in, a little man gets
out. I ask if he leaves the venue ‘yes’ he says. ‘May I have your
ticket stub’  I say. Though I am sure there is no re-entry with a
scanned ticket…I have no other solution but trying. I pass the security
control and rush to the balcony. I have a better chance not to bump into a
usher. I crash into an empty seat as Bob is crooning “Melancholy
mood”. It takes me a couple of songs to recover and realize my luck; no
usher ever asked me anything. Bobby’s voice is better than ever. I have
the idea is working on his vocal cords. He plays with his hat on and off.
Off at the piano mainly. Wabbling from the center stage to the piano.
Though he had been on the road since Indio on the 7th of October, he seems
in good shape. His voice and his expressions are powerful. The setlist
changed from the beginning to now, but he settled for 5 Sinatra songs (2
less than the last tour) and a range of Dylan songs from the 60’s to
Fallen Angels. He is balancing between sweet melodies and Hard rock. That
should please any Dylan public even if the hardcore Fans would prefer a
change to the list. And the audience is appreciative tonight. This
constant repetition allows the Band to be perfectly backing up Dylan who
might be erratic, at times, on piano. A change in the rhythm of “High
water” 2 or 3 times on that tour proves the creativity of the Master and
the talent of the Band. “Pay in blood” is now performed on the piano.
“Tangled up in blue” will always arises applauses from the public.
“Desolation row” alone would had win MR.Dylan the Nobel prize for
literature. “Soon after midnight” a sweet melody at times replaced by
“Make you feel my Love”. The constant “Things have changed”,
“Beyond here lies nothing”, “Highway 61” , “Don’t think twice
it’s alright’ which I missed tonight. “Scarlet town” instead of 
“Early Roman kings” from Tempest, anyway. “Duquesne Whistle” in
which he didn’t do any mistakes. “Love sick” brings memories from
the past … now a bridge to the future. “Long and wasted years”
before the well applauded “Autumn leaves”. It took only few minutes
for the encore. The anthem of the 60’s “Blowing in the wind”
unfortunately in those troubled days seem to be a promise that will not be
realized so soon. Can’t we learn anything from the past? “How many
seas must a white dove sail before she sleeps in the sand?” maybe the
lamb that wanders far from fold will catch the answer in the wind.

I say bye bye Bobby!
Take care of yourself.
Travel safely.
We’ll meet again someday
On the avenue Tangled up in blue!


Comments by Bill Royaloak

So I'm listening to this tour wind down, thinking about the significance
of it all, the nostalgia, the "Prize", Bob and the band, each year
circling the globe, and the rhetoric I see each day regarding who deserves
the Prize.

The greatest lesson I learned from Bob's words and actions is that prizes
don't matter, the work is itself the reward.  Bob's been inspirational to
so many of us for many reasons. For me personally, he's been around while
I've been raising my family, remodeling my house, riding in trains and
cars and listening and seeing him live for over forty years. It's more
than inspiration, it's the thoughts his work provokes, the good, the evil,
the anguish and all the other feelings you get from all those songs. The
clarity this work provides, lends unsolicited advice to some of life's
most troubling decisions. I've heard and read Bob doesn't say much,
doesn't sing clearly but that's really never true. Hearing him on his
records, listening to his Theme Time show really illuminates who he is,
what he listens to and why, and we can see the connections he has in what
he writes and sings to those before him as well as his contemporaries. The
puzzles in the subtleties of Bob's words and the way he presents himself
are definitely examples of what "Prize" means and I can't see the argument
in that.

"Stay with Me" bet Bob, always and thanks man!

Bill Royaloak


Review by Ken D.

After seeing Bob at Desert Trip, which was a great show with a great
"festival" setlist, I was really looking forward to this show and, despite
the return to the more standard laden setlist, Bob did not disappoint.
Highlights of the show were Don't Think Twice, Melancholy Mood, Why Try to
Change Me Now, Love Sick, Long and Wasted Years, and Desolation Row. Of
the "standards" I did not care for All or Nothing at All, which is among
my most favorite Sinatra tunes. Only one appearance of the harp which was
a beauty as part of Tangled Up in Blue, which left me wishing for more. 
Bob's piano playing has become more prominent and has improved.  Like the
show the last time he played this venue the sound was excellent.  Sat near
a 32 year who was from Italy who followed Dylan on his tour through
Florida. He appeared to be associated with several others from Europe who
were dispersed throughout the theater.   I thought that was pretty cool


Comments by Mitchell Cohen

Spectacular performance in Broward Center.  Crystal clear sound.
"Full Moon and Empty Arms" easily the best song of the night.


Review by Sandy Cramer

I saw Bob for the second time this year (did Niagara Falls in the spring). 
Both concerts were great, but Ft. Lauderdale was  magnificent!   Au Rene
Theatre is stunning, as is the rest of the  Broward County Center for
performing Arts.  Mostly aftershow cab problems... no cabs in area!!  As
a person well into my senior years it was not an easy trip to make alone.
From Chicago to Ft. Lauderdale!!  But I went alone to see Mr. Dylan and
was not at all sorry!   Did not rent a car, as I no longer drive at
night... and Ft. Lauderdale does have transportation problems!!

Mr. D's setlist is already on this site.. so no need to rehash on that.  
All songs were well done but Stay With Me and Autumn Leaves were
exceptional.   I hope for many more concerts .... please  Bob?  And try to
include Chicago soon???  Cannot imagine a year when I do not see Mr.


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