New York, New York

Beacon Theatre

November 26, 2018

[Barry Gloffke]

Review by Barry Gloffke

A rainy Monday night in NYC. ĎPut your hand in mine, Iíll see you donít get wetí. 
Night 3 of 7 at the Beacon for Bob and the Cowboys. For me, Iím half way 
through my 10 day Dylan odyssey and loving every second of it.

Tonight the Band was spectacularÖ really great work all night from Charlie, and 
Donnie. Nice interplay on several numbers between Bob and the aforementioned. 
George went above and beyond his usual rhythmic and percussive splendor tonight 
(maybe he was trying to impress Ringo who was in the audience). Bobís voice was 
a bit raspier than the previous four shows I saw, but he still delivered a strong 
performance with many passionate and playful interludes. What I really love about 
this current tour is the fabulous use of his harp. I noticed its absence when 
listening to some boots of the last few tours. This tour certainly benefits from it. 
Tonight Bobís harmonica playing was brilliant and soulful. Not to be left unsaid is 
Bobís resurgent piano playing. Mostly gone is the annoying tinkering with the keys 
that Bob had been stubbornly clinging to. Now we get a more wide ranging and 
melodic sound from the ivories.

Standouts tonight for me were IT AINíT ME, BABE (Donnie excelled on this). A 
menacing and raw version of CRY A WHILE. An absolutely brilliant interpretation 
of WHEN I PAINT MY MASTERPIECE. SCARLET TOWN (fantastic atmosphere and 
Bob was growling and preening throughout). EARLY ROMAN KINGS (brutally 
intense). DONíT THINK TWICE, ITíS ALRIGHT was simply beautifulÖ graceful and 
poignant. A swampy rendition of LOVE SICK and lastly an exuberant take on 

Another solid show. Bows to Bob and the Band. Look forward to seeing Bob 
and the Bobcats again tonight!

PS. Laurette, I hope you got in to see the show. 


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