New York, New York

Beacon Theatre

December 2, 2019

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

After Sean disappeared (Sean was a kid who was trying to get an 
autograph from Bob Dylan for his sick Daddy. Sean had been waiting in 
the rain, snow and cold for two entire afternoons and evenings. But in 
vain. None of the Dylan people will talk for him to Bob. And Bob will stay 
indifferent to his call!) am looking for a ticket with my paintings out. By 
now I am all frozen(I stayed with Sean for two hours in the freezing cold 
to encourage him. I offered him a cup of warm coffee and one of my 
posters, so Bob Dylan could sign on it!) and if I can't get in I will not 
stand outside to hear from the back door. By chance a young man has 
n extra. He first tries to sell to the scalpers who start a fight. So he will 
agree to give it to me for 20$ and one of my paintings. Cool.

Floor row U. Not too bad. The sound is great.
Bob changed his pants. Alleluia!
White/cream jacket.
The songs are good.
The show is good.
The public is good.
But I can't get Sean out of my mind.
Why oh why this kid couldn't get an autograph for his sick Daddy?
I see Dylan with another mask.
The public came to see the Legend but they don't know the Man.
The songs are rushed. One after another.
My Good Samaritan asks me which is my favorite when Bob start My 
Masterpiece. I say "this one".
My heart is not there.
For a one Show Fan, this is certainly a great show. With emotions. Real 
or fake?
The public is up for Serve somebody.
And you, Mr Dylan, who do you serve?
I leave before the end. I want to see who will say 
"good night Bobby!" Tonight.
Absolutely no one. Not even me. I stay away to watch Barron rushing 
his Boss inside the car even before the public is out.
Security Bob is happy. No autograph, no photo to deal with.
What a solitude and loneliness!
This was the strangest day I ever lived on the road for Bob Dylan. And I 
have been through a lot.
It's not getting any more .... Human.


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