Perth, Australia
Moonlight Music & Wine
Claremont Showgrounds
February 15, 2003

[Greg Brennan], [Aaron Gosper], [Kevin O'Daly]

Review by Greg Brennan

after standing at the front row of the dome stage from 2pm Bob walked on
stage at about 745pm.He went straight into Tweedle Dumb,a really rock'in
version with good clear sound where we were, although Larry was signalling
to the sound board asking for him to be turned down.This happened to most
acts all  throughout the event on their fist song. Bob finished of with a
signature "Thankyouuuu",the only time he would speak to the crowd, which
is a good thing when there is only enough time for 12 songs.Both Bob &the
Band were both obviously enjoying themselves,smiling throughout the whole
show. Billy is settling in nicely,he didn't make any mistakes as far as I
could tell,mainly playing a red Telecaster,matching the bands suits.
Highlights were a great version of " Just like A Woman" with Larry on
peddle steel,which you could hear the whole crowd singing the chorus& the
only song of the encore "All Along The Watchtower" which Bob gave a nod
and a smile to two pre teenage boys who were allowed to sit inside the
crowd barrier, which they loved.

All in all,a short but a very sweet show,enjoyed by everyone even the
boss.  We hung around due to a rumour that Bob was to play a song with Ray
Charles, but sadly this did not eventuate.


Review by Aaron Gosper

We got to the Moonlight Music and Wine festival at 2pm. We couldn't care less 
about the wine and it was very hot and at this stage there was no moonlight. 
We went down to the stage where Bob was scheduled to play and camped on the 
barrier. Act after act came on (Tony Joe White and John Mayall fantastic with 
Beth Orton just beautiful.) Then it all turned bad. We were like cats who got 
the cream - smuggly standing up the front surrounded by Bob Dylan freaks all 
getting tense with anticipation - but - the powers that be (in accordance with 
Bob's wishes apparently) changed the order of acts and didn't bother to tell 
us. The anouncer was a real dickhead and got more and more pissed as the day 
went on. All of a sudden on comes Ani Di Franco onto our stage and they start 
to set Bob up on the other. It was tragic to see the anger and tears flowing 
as we realised we weren't going to be front row. (all the Ani freaks were also 
very pissed off because they were waiting for her on the other stage and 
missed out being up close). So instead of being 3 metres away from the man we 
were back to 15 metres like the last 5 times I've seen him. Anyway, onto the 

It was rockin'. The boys seemed to be really enjoying themselves with Bob on 
piano. He was able to see the band all the time and interact better than being 
out front. Billy was sweating like a pig and watched Bob with something similar 
to idolatry. He was great. Larry was so cool and the look on his face as he 
watched Bob was akin to someone encouraging a protege. It was "Good stuff Bob. 
Go for it. Enjoy yourself. We'll look after you'.  It's cool to see Larry 
drifting off to look at the crowd. Tony was back on the small stage this time 
and had a clear view of the man and was his usual inscrutable self. There was 
a few smiles and nods. The drummer (Recelli is it?) really rocked. Honestly 
this band blew all the others away - even the Bluesbreakers. Bob was singing 
beautifully. His piano work was a little dodgy at times but he was having a 
good time, playing one hand and swivelling his hips with his left hand 
outstretched. Not much guitar tonight and he seemed pissed off with the 
electric at one stage. It was over way too quick and I wonder if Bob was 
pissed at the crowd who were at the front but not really there for Bob but 
got mixed up like us. Only  12 songs. (There was plenty of time for more 
because Wilson Pickett didn't start for 20 minutes after).

I love the band's stare into the crowd. Who else would do that but Bob? They 
left and the roadies started to take the instruments and Wilson's band started 
to make noise. We just kept yelling and it was a good 5 minutes before they 
came back. Finished with a blasting Watchtower where the band was introduced 
and they jammed for ages. Another stare and they were gone. That's it until 
2005? Thanks your Bobness.


Review by Kevin O'Daly

Quick review of the Perth 'moonlight Festival' gig.  Great Perth weather.
About 29 degrees. Clear blue skies & crowd ????10-15 thousand.  Mixed
crowd - very relaxed atmosphere...with tension building as the 2
'side-by-side' stages alternated acts.  Highlight was Beth Orton -
cheeky/funny/talented.  People were initially given dud info about which
stage Bob would play on. The running order was changed one act before Bob.
He came on at dusk and headed straight for the keyboards.....amidst what
is now a common theme/ he is too far to one side...for too
long ....and people can't see him for up  to half an hour.  The new band
also has taken the form of an olde timers cabaret act.   Super smart
coordinated suits...all standing in a row of three...and all staring at
Bob who tonight was dressed in dashing black suit.  The hair was freshly
bouffoned and 'high' - looking quite mid 80's.  Mr Burnett looked very out
of place compared to the 'dylan in the middle' trio of duelling guitars we
had recently become accustomed to.  I do feel a bit negative re the
format. Larry has gone from a young on the edge
following and duelling with a cabaret chord strummer.    On a
more positive note.......Bob is looking to keep it varied.  It was great
to hear the new material expertly played and faithful to the album.  This
was a short set - due to festival constrictions.  Highlights were the
'heavy' songs....with BOB ON GUITAR.  Watchtower was sung through twice. 
The band 'stared out' effectively at the end.....and a second encore was
denied.  Its tempting everytime Bob leaves the stage in Perth to
think........."he won't be back......." But I've said that every 2 years
for a while now !!!!! Come back anytime Bob. 

Kevin O'Daly  


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