Sendai, Japan
Sun Palace
February 27, 2001

[Yusuke Inoue]

Review by Yusuke Inoue

Ah, how time flies !
It was about 3 hours ago when I saw crowded people jamming at the gate of
the hall.  Now I feel like minuites ago. I was smoking when I was waiting
with them. Smoking, and watching their faces and clothes.  It was quite
interesting, because they looked similar in a way.  Most of them were
Japanese, of course, and some white people were also there.  I swear I
could point out if they like Bob Dylan or not even if I saw them in a
station or a restaurant.  They dressed roughly, wearing blue jeans, with
no companion and so on.  Actually, most of them were male.

The opening song was "Roving Gambler". I was very impressed by the band's
tight sounds.  Dynamic on the songs like "Leopard-skin Pill Box Hat",
sensitive on "Don't think twice, it's all right" and the like.  I haven't
heard Dylan with The Band live, but I believe that this band fits
perfectly to Dylan now. I must confess that tonight was my first
experience with Dylan on live. My impression on Dylan was... well, he's
powerful, and even sexy.  In fact, when he got on groove, he shook his
legs (chicken legs, I heard some white lady described it after the show)
like Elvis. But, atmosphere around him and the band was so friendly that I
could hardly believe that this old man have been nominated for the Nobel
prize and the Oscar. Yes, he's still a hobo. When I heard "Time out of
mind", I thought his travel was coming to an end and that he was ready for
a call to heed the curtain. But, it was too early. During the show, I felt
like yelling "Bob Dylan forever !", but I stopped it. It's too early for a

They played rock' n' roll, C&W, trad folk and boogie. All were containing
profound emotion. It was perfect if he sang to us the blues, like "Blind
Willie McTell", but we could feel it in every songs, especially on
"Blowin' in the wind". I don't know what I could get from Bob, but it was
a wonderful show. On my way home, I was on the bike, and I was humming
"She belongs to me".  It was the moment I felt the magic of Dylan when I
realized that it was not played on the show.  I felt extremely nice and

Lastly, let me introduce myself a little.
I'm 30 years old Japanese male. I went to the show with myself like
others. My girl friend is not interested in Dylan, but she said she liked
"Times, they are a-changin'" when I sang it on karaoke.

Yusuke Inoue


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