St. Louis, Missouri
The Pageant
March 2, 2004

[Paul Pearman], [Kendall Johnson]

Review by Paul Pearman

Let me preface this review by saying I have seen Bob around 8 times since
1997, my last show was in Joliet,IL with the Dead, which left a bad taste
in my mouth, mostly due to the Dead's boring second set. Arrived at the
Pageant around 5:00 and just missed getting into the Halo bar and getting
let in first, so we waited outside and still got good seats on the floor,
about 4 rows back dead center.  Crowd was a mix of older fans, college age
(myself) and various rough looking people of various ages. I have been to
the Pageant many times and this is the first time you could bring drinks
on the floor, which is usually for the under 21 or non-drinking patrons.
With pot smoke in the air, the show started at about 8:10 with: 1. Down
Along The Cove - Great opener, band was tight from the beginning. I had
heard this when Bob played with Paul Simon a few years back, but this was
a great version 2. It's All Over Now - This song follows me around, but
always a pleasure, vocals were good 3. Cry A While - good, Freddy is still
playing catch up a little, I miss Mr. Sexton 4. Lonesome Death..- Too slow
for me, played the night before 5 It's Alright Ma - Good, but Freddy still
lagging 6. Girl of North Country - I think I see this every show, average
version 7. High Water - Good version, Larry added some nice leads on the
cittern 8 Watching the River - Finally, I've been waiting for this one for
a while and it didn't disappoint, good rocking version 9. Can't Wait -
Probably the highlight of the night and a first for me, crowd really dug
it 10. Highway 61 - always a pleasure, standard version 11. Shooting Star
- another highlight and first for me 12. Honest With Me - Rocked as usual,
still doesn't top Kansas City last year 13. Saving Grace - another first
for me, good stuff 14. Summer Days - Standard set closer, nothing much to
say Encores: Standard, watchtower not as good as I've seen

Show: 8 of 10
Crowd: 6 of 10
Venue: 9 of 10


Paul Pearman
Springfield, IL


Review by Kendall Johnson

The Pageant is an excellent place to see a show-An excellent place for
Dylan to play although it was packed to the gills. Very loud,  well
behaved crowd (yes they serve alcohol) but everyone there was for one
reason -to see Bob. I wondered if the show would be as good  with Bob on
Keyboards the whole way and yes it was! No incessant noodling on the
guitar for long periods with 4 note solos in the wrong key.  Bob was
fantastic spewing lines out and shooting quick looks out at the crowd. He
sauntered around the stage snapping his fingers-He was in good spirits. 
The sound was good and Bob came through in playing some of my
favorites.Rarities included Down along the Cove, Shooting Star, and
Watching the River flow. Bob and the Band really smoked on Highway 61,
Rolling Stone and Watchtower. Only words of the night was to introduce the
band. Oh yeah, 2 drummer gimmick was all right- but not necessary.  The
new fella on guitar did a good job- I hadn't had the pleasure to hear any
of his work before.His style serves a good contrast to Campbell's. In
Summ, another great concert from Dylan, 4th for me and hopefully not the
last. Kendall


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