Osaka, Japan
International Forum
Hall A
March 6, 2001

[Ms. Osaka], [Itsuko Nishimura]

Review by Ms. Osaka

Incredible! Fantastic! Wonderful!  That was the word on the Osaka subway
tonight shortly after Dylan finished his concert.  He sang 19 songs.  Here
are a few highlights.

To Ramona - sweet as ever.  You can still see her watery eyes.

My Back Pages - This was a beautiful acoustic number.  At one point Bob
pushes the guitar aside and picks up his harp which he plays with only one
hand.  The other one is behind his back. Then he did these deep knee bends
(sort of).  Is this a new dance heıs invented?  Itıs like, ³Look, I can do
this with one hand tied behind my back!²

Tangled Up In Blue - Bob plays it like a dance number and then starts
dancing!  Some of the audience take up the cue and join him.

Rainy Day Women # 12 and 35 -  everyone seems to love this song, whether
you understand the words or not.  At this point Bob introduced the band.

If Dogs Run Free - Dylan always amazes me.  He has this incredible sense
of humor.  Who else could squeeze an apparent lounge act between ³Like A
Rolling Stone² and ³All Along the Watchtower?²  The first time I heard
this song in Omiya, I half expected Barry Manilow to step up to the mike
and sing harmony!

Blowing In the Wind - Bob seems to be making this his theme song for
Japan, having sung it at all his concerts so far.  It really is a
beautiful song to end with.  It reminds me that Dylan is a man with one
foot planted firmly on earth and the other in the wind.

This was a truly great concert.  The nice lady at the box office told me
there were still tickets available for tomorrow nights concert, if anyone
is interested.

Best to all,
Ms. Osaka


Review by Itsuko Nishimura

Akita was great and Tokyo second night was special too. But
Tonight, Osaka first night was the best so far.
Oh Babe, Mama, Rainy Day Women, River Flow, Tomb Thumb, My Back Pages,
North Country...Such a nice songs he played in my city! I 'm proud that Osaka
was best audience in this tour. The ticket went sold out. Even the third floor
seats are packed.

Tears of Rage was beautiful. Larry and Charlie singing the brilliant chorus
on the song like they're doing on Blowin' in the Wind. The all band members are
in maroon suits, sort of uniform. Bob was in shining white suit tonight.

Bob was in great form. The feet moves were best in ever! His right foot was
like a conductor's wand. every step he takes, that was the rhythm of the band.
Tonight was so good and even Tangled Up was great. When he played harmonica
on Wicked Messenger, he got down on his knee, throw around his right arm, then
stand up again turn around to look David and nod his head. That was beautiful.

6 more shows in Japan. We all talked about what's gonna be next!



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