Orlando, Florida
Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts
Walt Disney Theater

March 9, 2024

[Marc Roffman], [Dan Dorchak], [Whitney Johnson]

Review by Marc Roffman

Bob was on his game tonight performing a masterful magical concert . This was my 
126 show going back to 1974 when he toured with the band. The Walt Disney 
Theatre  is what youd think it would be.State of the art acoustics multi tier wood 
kind of flowing multiple levels. The band was fantastic how an 83 year old man can 
sit with his grand piano in front of several thousand fans of all ages and perform as 
well as he did was truly amazing . He thanked the crowd several times in a very 
heartfelt manner and was able to stand for most of the last half of the show. 
Every grain of sand his last of the evening left people stunned with his harp closing 
the last several minutes. My seat mate who was seeing him for the first time had 
tears in his eyes.


Review by Dan Dorchak

This was my second time seeing Bob at the Dr. Phillips Center in Orlando
and a similar thought remains - the sound here is incredible. Bob was
again in terrific voice and mood for the first night in Orlando, laughing
several times throughout the night and standing behind the piano for a few
songs consecutively. He wore a black jacket to cover a white shirt and
black trousers, both embroidered with rhinestones. No hat. Crowd was
receptive, not acerbic and cold like Ft. Lauderdale. Everyone was having
fun. How could you not?!

Not a whole lot to comment on the show itself as it was practically the
same show I saw in Ft Lauderdale - although Ill Be Your Baby Tonight was
not included in Ft. Lauderdale. I enjoy the way he slowly builds this song
up to a frenetic jam, even the old heads in front of me were nodding in
approval. Walking By Myself again took the wildcard spot, and I can tell
Bob really enjoys singing this song. Every Grain of Sand featured a
harmonica solo that flew off the track like an errant locomotive. Always a
treat to hear him blow.

Looking forward to Orlando 2 tonight. Thanks Bob!


Review by Whitney Johnson

Living in St Petersburg, the shows at Clearwater's Ruth Eckerd Hall were
about 20 minutes from home. But due to the fact that REH is the most
sterile venue to see a show we decided to take the 2 and half hour drive
(due to Strawberry Festival, Disney and Spring Break traffic) to Orlando!
What a beautiful place!!The sound was perfect! Bob's voice was clear and
strong! It cracks me up he has already rearranged the songs from Rough and
Rowdy Ways! The band was red hot and Bob played the piano like Keith
Emerson (minus the spinning in midair part)! Also, the no cell phone
rule is such a relief!!No morons holding their phones in front of your
face! The whole world should take note! Thanks Bob and band!


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