Nagoya, Japan
Civic Assembly Hall
March 12, 2001

[Isuko Nishimura]

Review by Isuko Nishimura

I've never heard of Heaven's door's version like tonight's. Larry and Charlie's
backing chorus "Woo woo" was sound like original one. But Bob, Larry and Charlie
sings slightly different melody from original version. I liked that a lot.

No stage rush tonight.
Venue security was so tight. Perhaps, because of Fukuoka and Hiroshima.
Audience went to up front the both shows. The stage rush was so unusual
thing here in Japan.  But it's Bob. I know everybody wants to say a few
words to Bob "Hey that was so good, Bob. Thank you very much for coming."

The venue was small and beautiful old building.  The audience was gentle and
cozy. When the band did "the formation" (yes, they still do it. Twice in a show.)
the all audience was standing and the ovation ended after 3 minutes.. at least .
I hope Bob noticed it.  I am hoping to hear Never gonna be the same again but play
what ever you want, Bob. Looking forward to seeing two more shows.


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