Asheville, North Carolina
Harrah's Cherokee Center Asheville Arena

March 21, 2024

[Richard Genz], [Joe Moore]

Review by Richard Genz

Asheville’s my home town.  This was my fourth time around with the 
Rough & Rowdy Ways tour.  As fascinated as I am with all things Dylan, 
I’m finding it hard to stay attentive to the same set.  Suspect that 
he is too.   

This show was subdued.  All the songs had a similar pace and energy.  
Bob’s “why thank you’s” seemed a bit forced as the full-house crowd’s 
response was warm and polite but never really enthusiastic. 
Symbolizing Dylan’s casual vibe, he muffed the very first line of 
Every Grain while shuffling papers on top of the piano.  Key West 
was also garbled by misplaced lyrics. 

On the plus side: new arrangement of Serve Somebody was cool, 
harmonica parts were outstanding, and Bob Dylan was in the room.   

Richard Genz
Asheville, NC


Review by Joe Moore

I will always see Dylan when given a reasonable opportunity. Seeing him 
20 minutes from home sure is better than a road trip these days. With 
that said, I’m glad I made the road trip to Charlotte on St. Patty’s 
Day – a much better show than Asheville. In part because I was sitting 
in a small ornate theater 5 rows back with a direct view of Bob sitting 
at his piano, rather the last row on the floor beside the soundboard in 
a large arena with lots of empty seats. I agree with Richard Genz’s 
review that the crowd was warm and was never really enthusiastic. 
Polite though? The rowdy crowd in the back screaming during the music 
with one guy in particular screaming repeatedly Bob FU#King Dylan, I 
found to be less than polite. But O’well. I agree with everything else. 
Overall, the performance in Asheville was solid. Bob still amazes me at 
the strength of his voice and his ability to pound at the piano for that 
long. I enjoyed Charlotte more, but I am always thankful for what I get. 
The Rough and Roudy Ways tour is well worth seeing if you have any doubts. 
And The Never Ending Tour will end one day, but Bob is showing no signs 
of slowing down right now. Much gratitude to all involved!  

Joe Moore


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