Los Angeles, California
Pantages Theatre
March 22, 2005

[Roderick Smith]

Review by Roderick Smith

This Wheels on Fire best notify my "next of kin" this wheel shall explode!
What was spinning out the window one night comes raining down like thunder
the next. The Pantages Theater Art Deco jewel box encrustation was a
"dazzle" in country swing melt down.  "You Ain't Going Nowhere" was lit up
like a chandelier. You could see and feel in the dusty squinting eyes of
the Cowboy that he meant business tonight.  The man was in black and red
soldier dress and so was his wild fiddling maiden.   So no, you ain't
going nowhere. Under Red Sky is always sadly told and this night no
different. Its just the place of the telling, LA.  The show is so fast and
clean and spun in the finest silk that he seems to  vanish like a dream.
Its Bob Dylan's Stage show.  You watch it as much as listen.   He did
Masters of War alright but it was not about the meaning but more about the
"display" of that epic verse.  You "gaze" with your eyes and ears.  It is
meant for your pleasure!   This is the long awaited journey to "Broadway."

No man alive will come to you with another tale to tell...if your memory
serves you well.

Or did the thief steal this stage vision from this Mr. Ricks?


page by Bill Pagel

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