Louisville, Kentucky
Louisville Palace

March 23, 2024

[David Mendick]

Review by David Mendick

How silly am I. I bade farewell to Bob Dylan on his last go thru in Baltimore. 
I even said a fond farewell to boblinks. But here I am again. And here’s Bob.
This was a great audience at this very old city theater. But somehow they didn’t 
get the memo that the show starts at 8. They were still in the many bars in the 
overly ornate lobby drinking lots and lots of bourbon. But no worries. I love 
the curtain up and there he is. The first 3 to 4 songs got off to a slightly 
rocky start. Bob had some issue with the piano and the sound or his vocals were 
not quite right. But then the show took off and by then everyone was in their 
Masterpiece totally reworked. Like a tango or foxtrot. To Be Alone With You 
amazing and harp. Key West gets better and better and to me is the highlight. 
It’s long. It’s a long journey. “It’s the place to be” Give Myself to You the 
most beautiful vocal and more harp. Loved Big River. Every Grain of Sand harp 
intro and harp end. Not going to lie - I was in tears.
Dylan was in great form. Stood for most of the show. He looked great. Even 
dropped a couple of “thank yous “
And then as he stood at the end at center stage the curtain came down. It 
doesn’t get better than this. But it did. Guess who was staying in the same 
hotel as Bob Dylan.
Serious thanks again to boblinks. When I’m not at the shows you bring the 
shows to me.
Shout out to my new friend Reuben. You finally discovered Bob Dylan.

David Mendick


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