Jönköping, Sweden

Kinnarps Arena

March 27, 2009

[Mikael Peterson]

Review by Mikael Peterson

Big day today!!! Time for another Dylanconcert, my 26th, this time in
Jönköping…last time was in Glasgow April 11 2007.

Some of you Bobcats out there might remember me , I was fast asleep in the
car when my friend saw Bob buying toothpaste outside of Örebro late at
night after the show in Globen, Stockholm March 28 2007…I know some of you
found that story hard to believe, and I can´t blame you…

It´s  noon, I´m in the countryside about an hours drive from the venue,
it´s been snowing all night so it´s a kind of a christmaslike view out the
window, I`m listening to “Tell tall signs”, zipping a beer, feeling the
usual anticipation building up…

Naturally, I´ve read the reviews so far and would like to comment on a few
lines from Steinar Daler;

If someone asks what song you would request if asked, prior to a Dylan
concert…well, I don´t think a day goes by in my miserable life without
that kind of fantasy takes place in my head…usually it´s Bob himself who
asks me…and for the moment I would have to answer “Across the green
mountain”…what an absolutely beautiful and profound song, the lyrics are
painfully good…

Back at home again, I was planning to write an extensive review “blow by
blow” but I just gonna have to pass, simply because it was so fantastic
that I can´t even figure out what, when, where or how, the show was one
big crazy diamond, it was the kind of show were you just can´t keep track
of these things, you know;  setlists, solos or even
binoculars…congratulations to all of you in Europe who have tickets; this
time around Bob is on fire and it would even be silly to try and write
about highlights and so forth…Without any doubt what so ever it was the
best I´ve seen since the Campbell- Sexton era, and even better than many
of those…

I still have something to look forward to though; I´ll be travelling to
Dublin in May for two concerts with two of my brothers, so if you´re going
there as well, or maybe even can accommodate us (or recommend something
reasonable in that area) or if you just want to comment on my review, my
E-mail address is:

Mikael Peterson


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