North Charleston, South Carolina
North Charleston Performing Arts Center

March 27, 2022

[Nancy Cobb], [Laurette Maillet], [Charles Cicirella]

Review by Nancy Cobb

This is my last Bob show on this leg of the Rough and Rowdy Tour so I am
going to sum up the shows I saw after San Antonio - namely in Nashville,
Savannah, and Charleston.  Some of the audience was misbehaving by talking
during the music or by screaming after a stanza trying to catch Bob's
attention, but if you can block that stuff out Bob was in magnificent
voice, and the songs just kept getting richer and more complex with the
individual band members adding flourishes such as intros and
embellishments to Bob's piano playing where he is now less of a soloist
and more integrated with the rest of the band.  The band members are now
riveted on Bob and able to go more seamlessly with his key and phrasing
changes.  The sound quality in the contemporary venues after the Ryman was
excellent and the volume and pace of the last shows was picked up and
everything was held together by Charley's drumming and Tony's mainly
upright bass bowing and plucking.  Key West is now a new song and I know
others may disagree, but it has  turned into one of the highlights for me.
 My Own Version of You, Black Rider and False Prophet are so different
from other songs out there in the world of music that I know that even
people who have never followed Dylan would be amazed and impressed if they
heard him live now.   We unfortunately don't have Dave Letterman to watch
anymore, but I hope that a new TV host will give people the chance to see
Dylan now on live television.  Bottom line, I know it sounds boring but
the shows are really getting better and better.  Usually they are not
quite sold out so it should be possible to get a reasonably priced ticket
even at the last minute.


Review by Laurette Maillet

North Charleston March 17th.
First I want to explain that my reviews are of course personal opinions. I don't 
pretend to tell any truth. I do understand that Fans may have different opinions 
and perspectives. In that case I encourage any one to write a little review 
of their own instead of critizing mine and telling me I'm all wrong :(
Same for my opinions about that city or that venue or that crowd. I am never 
fully enthusiastic, try my best to be objective.  Nothing is right or wrong. 
Everything is a question of perspective. Nothing is Black or White. Everything 
is a nuance of grey.

This said. I do have mixed feelings about  Charleston. I call it South Charleston, 
North Charleston, East Charleston, West Charleston :)
With miles in between. 
So from Savannah to Charleston I will take an Amtrak train for the fist time in 
many years. Up early and Uber to the Amtrak station where I am sure to find 
a coffee shop. Well! All wrong. There is none. The train is on time leaving 
Savannah and comfortable. Arriving 50 minutes late in North Charleston. 
No complain, just a remark :)

William, my couchsurfing host will pick me up and drop me by his church. We 
are Sunday. I will then walk the 40 minutes to the downtown South 
Charleston. I am starving, so looking for a coffee shop. Dreaming of eggs and 
toasts. King Street is nothing like Bourbon Street in New Orleans. They have 
more fancy clothes shops, shoes and Art gallery. I'm happy to find empanadas. 
That will do. Later an iced coffee.

I retrieve by the pier and nap on the grass for two hours. William will pick me 
up and drive me to downtown North Charleston. A little bit different. More 
pubs and beer cafes. I find a carrot cake and another coffee.

By 4 pm I have nothing more to do or see. I Uber (walking would take me 
2 hours) to West Charleston , to the PAC. A huge building among huge 
buildings. Nothing to fancy about.

I have a chat with Stefanie, an American BD Follower. She travels , sleeps, 
and eats in her van. Cool! I sell some of my prints. Then meet with Bob 
Russel who has a ticket for me. Again many thanks for his kindness and 
generosity. The seat is row E, center. I can see the stage well.
A roadie will pose two small bottles of water on the piano. Exactly where 
the cookies box was last night. :):)

Three minutes after 8pm the show starts.
Bob plays with the bottles (obviously his request) , shuffles the lyrics papers 
and starts 1) "Watching the river flow". More a start song to adjust the 
volume of the mic.

The public is quiet and polite. No moving around.
2) " Most likely you go your way "... I'll go mine. It talks to me tonight. 
Right what I think about some people :)
3) " I contain multitudes ". 
-'I'm a man of contradictions, I'm a man of many moods' -
So don't try to explain the cookies and the bottles :)
4) " False prophet ". Well phrased. Clear crystal voice. He knows and he 
moves center stage for the pose.
5) " When I paint my masterpiece" variation with
- ' everything gonna be like a RAPSODY ...when I paint my Masterpiece'.
6) " Black rider " so obscure and profound.
 Is he talking to his double twin, that enemy within? 
7) " I'll be your baby tonight "
Could switch for " If not for you ? ". For a change ???
8) "My own version of you"
'I'll bring someone to life, someone for real
Someone who feels the way that I feel'
Isn't it the dream of everyone?
9)" Crossing the Rubicon " the highlight of that show (for me). 
Bob knows he was good and he moves center stage for a pose. 
10)" To be alone with you " . What about a switch with " When dogs 
run free " for a change :)
11)"Key west ". Tonight ....not my cup of tea! 
Flat and boring :(
12) " Gotta serve somebody " . The public doesn't rock to much. I do.
13)" I've made up my mind to give myself to you ". 
And for the first time I have the feeling he is talking to me or the 
audience in general, as I can see he is looking at the crowd above his 
piano and beyond the water bottles.
14)" Melancholy mood " sweet, but could be
 " Shooting Star ".
15)" Mother of muses " sing for me ... still not my favorite. Too much 
obvious. But Bob is satisfied and moves center stage one more time.
16) " Goodbye Jimmy Reed " nice energy.
Rapid presentation of the Band. The audience doesn't get it and doesn't 
stand :(
(At least not in front of me.)
" Every grain of sand ". To tell the public it's time to move out. :)

I rapidly leave the venue and sell the rest of my prints. A Fan who used 
to read my reviews, Redding, offers me a ride to my CS host home. Great.
I have a bedroom all for myself.

Charleston was surprising but all together a nice experience. I don't 
believe it's the city I could live in, not being a driver.  
Thank you to all the good people.
Thank you Bobby. Let's the bottles be another MYSTERY
Tank you Charley Dayton, I found the most inspiring of all the musicians 
in that Band.


Review by Charles Cicirella

Finally a show with no excessive talking.
The people in North Charleston were paying attention. I'd even go so far
as to say rapt attention. It was great to see Bob getting the respect
that he so rightfully deserves. I was on the left side tonight so I had a
different vantage point. Bob's voice jumped out of the mains and
straight down our throats. He stuffed our mouths with gold and made damn
certain our bones were picked clean. One moment you're at a hoedown while
the next you're going down slow heading toward Purgatory or Key West. Bob
teaches by example as he serves up John the Baptist's head on a silver
platter. This music isn't for the faint of heart. He's no false prophet
and he proves that every night as he reveals to us that he never actually
wore a mask and that what you see is what you get if you just pay
attention and keep your hands inside the ride at all times. One more show
for me before the final nail is driven in.


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