Cairns, Australia
Cairns Convention Centre
March 28, 2001

[Juan Hoben]

Review by Juan Hoben

Cairns is in tropical Far North Queensland. Bob stayed at the Palm Cove resort 
just up the coast from the city; heat, humidity, crocodiles, bananas and the 
Great Barrier Reef. The people of Cairns are laid back. The Convention Centre 
is a nice venue for really laid back people who like to watch a show sitting 
down and without moving during the performance. Sounds dull, but then "Ladies 
and gentlemen, please welcome Columbia recording artist, Bob Dylan! " From my 
terrible seat in the second row, front and centre, the day of waiting 

Duncan and Brady opened the set and I realised that the sound in this venue 
was really good. My Back Pages, It's Alright Ma followed by It's All Over Now, 
Baby Blue. Bob was relaxed and boy he did look great. His voice really does 
sound better than ever. His singing conveys great meaning and emotion, he 
obviously feels the words he sings, even when he re-writes the songs, which 
he did a few times this evening. Tonight the band also played an interesting 
new arrangement of Cold Irons Bound, which sounded fresh and energised to me. 

The highlight of the show came at the end of the first song of the encore, 
Things Have Changed. This was Bob's first appearance since the Oscars two 
nights earlier. Towards the end of the song Darren Mitchelson, from the Sydney 
Jumpers team of Dylan fans who attended all the shows, ran past the sitting 
audience and threw a replica Oscar up to Bob. Well actually, he threw it on 
stage and Tony Garnier picked it up and waved it in the air. Bob creased up 
with a huge smile, the band all laughed and the crowd went bananas, a perfect 

The plastic Oscar later appeared on stage at both the Brisbane and Ballina 
shows, on Bob's amp, right behind him. Proof that Bob really does have a sense 
of humour and appreciates his audience.

The rest of the show was like a happy dream with a blinding version of 
Watchtower and a beautiful I Shall Be Released. The Wright/Anglin song 
Searching For A Soldier's Grave was an unexpected pleasure, but the laid-back 
audience never got too excited and never stood up for more than a few seconds.  
There was no rushing of the stage.  Don't these people know it's rock'n'roll ?

The next day, Dylan Gang member, Billy "you're so far away from" Home, met 
Tony Garnier at Cairns airport. Tony told him that Bob was "tickled pink" by 
the Oscar being thrown on stage. I hope I am right in saying that there are 
not many guys around that have tickled Bobby pink.


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