Columbia, South Carolina
Township Auditorium

March 29, 2022

[Grant Miller], [Laurette Maillet], [Charles Cicirella]

Review by Grant Miller

I attended the concert tonight at Township Auditorium.
Bob was phenomenal tonight! I think it may be the best Dylan show I've seen
 ever. Definitely in the top 3 of the 23 times I've seen him. I got chills on 
 almost every song.
They started exactly at 8:00 pm, not 8:01 or 8:05, but right at 8 pm! Bob 
was at the piano on every song. He seemed in a very good mood and 
sincerely thanked the audience after Goodbye Jimmy Reed. He stood up 
behind the piano on Melancholy Mood and Mother of Muses and came out 
from behind the piano to take a bow after False Prophet, I'll Be Your Baby 
Tonight and Gotta Serve Somebody. He did a two minute harmonica solo 
to start off I'll Be Your Baby Tonight. Only harp of the night.

The acoustics were excellent at the Township Auditorium and his voice was 
very strong and clear. I was blown away. ?? He sounded better than he has 
in 20 years or more IMO. He was holding notes longer than ever it seemed.
He did his old songs much like he did on Shadow Kingdom.

To me tonight's versions of I Contain Multitudes, False Prophet, Black Rider, 
Crossing the Rubicon and oh yes My Own Version Of You were better than 
the album... I was amazed beyond belief.


Review by Laurette Maillet

From Charleston to Columbia. March 29th.
I met Redding, a Fan, after the show in Charleston and he decided to join 
me for the show in Columbia. He will drive me there and I will pay for the 
gas , the brunch and rent a room for the night. We will need two tickets 
for the show but I am not worried.

I say goodbye to William, my couchsurfing host. We'll meet again. Maybe 
at the Texas border, in May, to help some refugees there. I am not 
always on the side of the 'beggars' , I am also, at times, on the side of 
the 'givers'.

The ride to Columbia is pleasant wit Redding. We eat pitas and humus 
for brunch. Then I go to FedEx to print more of my paintings. We 
check in the motel "Days' Inn" for a rest in the afternoon.
So far, so good.

By 6pm we drive back to the Township Auditorium. Nothing fancy 
and in a not so fancy area. :(

The crowd is sparse. The show is far away for being sold out. David 
Bilodeau who knows me from my reviews offers to buy 
me a ticket. He will choose the most expensive Thank you so much. .
Redding will also get a (second row) ticket for free and so Stefanie.
So... We are three happy Fans.

The venue is nothing exceptional. An arena with balconies and 
galleries. Seats on the floor are folded chairs.
My view on the piano is good. Two bottles had been posed on the 
piano. :) to block the view from the right( as the Fans seem to believe).
The show starts on time and Bob will move center after "False prophet" 
" I'll be your baby tonight""Crossing the Rubicon" "I've made up my 
mind to give myself to you".

On "Goodbye Jimmy Reed" a blond girl is up and dancing. It attracts 
Bob's attention. He looks like smiling.

The audience will be up for "Every grain of sand". At least in front
of me and in the aisle. Not so much security tonight :)
But many patrons will also leave the venue long time before the 
end of the show. :(

It was a good show. Not the best ever. A sort of routine.
Bob makes a joke presenting the Band. I don't catch it. Something 
about Donnie and Tony.

I sell all my prints outside. Some cash to go on for the next shows.
I ask for a ride to Charlotte, only one hour and a half away, but I am 
not successful. So I will catch my Greyhound bus tomorrow. Hopefully 
arriving on time at 5.35pm in Charlotte.

Thank you the good people ; David Bilodeau for the Tix, Redding 
o'Shea for the rides, Stefanie for the nice conversation.
Thank to the Fans who like my paintings.
Thank you Bobby...see you in Charlotte.
Be good!


Review by Charles Cicirella

Columbia was the last of the 5 shows that I did on this tour. I honestly
think it was the best of the five. Bob is always surprising us. He keeps
us on our toes and makes us realize how truly blessed we all are that he's
in our lives. He's never been a walking antique and when he walks out onto
that stage you know you're at the O.K. Corral. We're back in Tombstone and
someone's going to get shot full of lead. It's film noir at its best. It's
/The Trial/ with Orson Welles at the helm and Anthony Perkins scaring the
shit out of all of us. There's not one song in this set that doesn't
completely work and is completely off the charts. Even the new arrangement
of "Key West (Philosopher Pirate)" is growing on me, though I do still
miss the accordion. Tonight for the first time "To Be Alone With You"
wrapped me up in mortal bliss, as my Icarus wings melted and I fell into
the sun. During "Gotta Serve Somebody" I found myself jumping up and down
as Elmer Gantry gave me religion while conning me at the same time. After
the concert we went to see Blind Willie McTell's grave. It was 4 in the
morning and the wind was whispering something and we were trying to make
out what it was.


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