Hannover, Germany


March 31, 2009

[Reinald Purmann]

Review by Reinald Purmann

The opening of the german tour-leg in a sold out AWD-Hall was a very good,
but not outstanding concert. The band in matching grey suits and black
shirts, black hats & Mr. Dylan, black suit with red piping and a red shirt,
grey, wide brimmed hat  jumped 8 minutes past the appopinted time with
lot of energy  into “Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat”. This was followed
from a very nice “Man in Me”. Dylan stands in the middle of the stage,
playing harp and singing intensely. Than G. Recile throw his grey jacket
away for a swinging “Tom Thumbs Blues”. This  makes a very good start
of the show.. Dylan was all night bending the words of his songs, in this
song he was stretching the last words of the lines in a low tone (
“kno-ot – shoo- ot”, “roo-om – moo-on etc). “Chimes of
Freedom” was very well done,  partly triumphant and hypnotic,
expressing hope for a change. “Levee gonna Break” is not one of my
fovourites, but  in this night it was very well done, with a lot of
energy from the band and his really good singing. For this song it was the
“day only the Lord can make”.  Another highlight was “Shooting
Star”, delivered from center-stage. --  Unfortunately The Man did not
touch a guitar all the night. But for me this was a little  compensated
later with a very soft, quiet version of “Dignity” (I like this song
for a lot reasons and  because he mentioned my name in it, claimin I’m 
lookin’ through painted glass  ;->.). HWY 61 was delivered as the hymn it 
is and well  received..  MoW and Nattie Mooore were well done, but I’ve 
heard both  songs better in 2007. Summer Days was a crowd-pleasing rocker. 
All in all  a good concert and a good start.  Remarkable was that the band 
(on left side) and Dylan (right side) are standing nearly opposite on the stage,
as if Dylan wants to make sure that no one can break out for an unwanted
soloing. For “Watchtower” he should have allowed a little more guitar
work(…this song must be done fuckin' loud – tonight this was only at
the end of song) They finished at "5 to 10" as Joey said. I  am happy to
see The Man in good form, very relaxed and in fine voice, his band as
tight as ever. And: Beyond here lies Berlin !          If the
server serves me well

R. Purmann


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