Chattanooga, Tennessee
Tivoli Theatre

April 4, 2022

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

From Asheville to Chattanooga. April 4th.
After I freaked out about my trip to Chattanooga Stefanie accepted to 
take me on her van. Thank you so much.

Up early and checking out from my beautiful youth hostel we hit the 
road at It's a nice ride and we chat a lot about...Bob Dylan.

We go straight to the Tivoli theater and have a cup of coffee and I get 
a bagel with cream cheese. Then I walk to the youth hostel where 
Stefano And Mauro will join me from Atlanta to do a part of the tour 
together. From Chattanooga up to Mobile.
We check in. They take a nap and I walk back to the Tivoli to chat 
with Stefanie.

By we both need a ticket.
She got one first. A man proposed me one for 150$. Way too much 
expensive. After half an hour he comes back to me and said he will give 
me the ticket. I give him one of my prints he really likes. Cool!
In the mid time I said hello to my good friends from Australia :)

I am all the way on the top of the :)
No one will be on my right or on my left.
But for some reason tonight I don't feel like karaoke or even move. 
I focus on the lyrics. I feel in a sad mood. But Bob is certainly his self.
He will move center stage after " Masterpiece""Crossing the Rubicon"
and "Serve somebody".

The day had been a nice experience with friends and good people.
The show was sadly emotional for me.
Tomorrow is another day!


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