Bakersfield, California
Rabobank Arena
April 5, 2006

[Michael James], [Craig Michaud], [John Lynch], [Snuffy Rin]

Review by Michael James

My review won’t bring much to the table because the
reviews of the preceding shows have all been pretty
accurate assessments and the set lists have not been
altered all that much except for maybe a few songs. 
Overall, a Dylan put on a very good show in my
hometown of Bakersfield.  The set list was very
diverse and, as always, had different arrangements of
newer and classic songs, which always makes things
interesting and keeps us coming back for more
concerts.  In general, he and his band can tackle
rock, folk, blues and country like no one else I’ve
ever seen.  The organ-sounding keyboard Dylan played
was the most significant shake up to the song
deliveries.  Although an organ might be better suited
for church or “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” it sure
was easier to hear him play, particularly on the
ballads and slower songs.  

About one-half of the show was committed to songs
released on albums within the past ten years, which
has been the norm for quite some time.  I’m sure many
casual Dylan fans in the crowd left confused or
frustrated because of that, but I really think the
newer songs complement his rough-sounding voice and
sixtysomething state of mind a lot better.   I was
treated to some of my favorites, such as Girl from the
North Country, Shooting Star and High Water.  Dylan’s
voice and energy reached there peak towards the end of
the show and the crowd really responded well to the
last few songs, even singing along to “Just Like a
Woman” and “Like a Rolling Stone.”

It would have been nice to see Bakersfield’s best
export, Merle Haggard, start as the opening act at
last night’s show, but I’ll just be happy that Dylan
took the time to bring his never-ending tour here.  I
hope there is a bootlegged CD in my future!

Michael James


Review by Craig Michaud

I'd like to thank Bob for returning to Bakersfield.  I have seen him a
number of times over the last 15 years and could never be disappointed.
There were a number of songs from the previous nights that appeared to be
solid for the tour and I was looking forward to hearing them all.  My wife
asked me what song I hoped he would play and I told her it was Shooting
Star but it had not been on any of the set lists from the previous nights
and I wasn't getting my hopes up.  When he broke loose with it in the show
for the 7th number it really surprised me.  He did a fantastic job on it
too  - Any song he plays harp for becomes special.

Bob is the show and I like the fact he is laying his song out there raw
with out back-up.  This is the second Show I have seen him exclusively
behind the keyboard.  The sound he was getting out of it. I kept looking
for a little monkey to come scurrying around with hat and purse collecting
tips.  The new band seemed to take a bit to get going early on in the
first few songs but always finished strong.  The stage is good size and
the guitar players are bookends opposite each other and I got the feeling
they had a difficult time gelling because of it.  A lot of the time guitar
players like to go side by side - it's easier to play off each other. They
did a great job with the newer material: High Water, Summer Days.  They
really revved it up for the encore: Like A Rolling Stone and All Along The
Watchtower.  My wife and I were like - where did that come from and why
just the encore?

Bob and the Boys delivered a well balance set and put on a great show.  I
feel blessed to see him perform again - 

Craig Michaud


Review by John Lynch

real easy in and out place - clean and surprisingly  eclectic.  I expected
farmers and mulletts - wrong again.   I made the dash through the
grapevine from LA like a lot of us and the weather held up to get us back
home.   This was my 28th Bob show.  The usual incense smell hit me in the
second row as Bob came out wearing the black cowboy hat.  I expected a
homage to Buck Owens at some point but his set stayed the same as the
previous shows of the tour.  I really liked about 80% of the show.  The
other 20 was just okay.  My highlights were it's allright Ma, shooting
star and North Country.  A few times I thought Bob was uninvolved, as the
new addition tears of rage was flat and uninspired.  I also had the lame
drunks behind me talking through the whole show and screaming lay lady lay
between songs.  They talked all the way through a heart felt rendition of
til I fell in love with you.  From where I was sitting all I could hear
was Bob's piano - really strange sound.  As for  the band, I agree with the 
reviewer from Stockton, they seem like they are playing scared.  I miss 
Larry and Charlie like the rest of us.  All in all, I was sent back down the 
grapevine grateful to put another Bob show in the my belt as the white 
skinned singer with assassins eyes keeps on keeping on.


Review by Snuffy Rin

It was raining all day and I couldn't visit any other places beside
seeing Bob. I read local new paper reported Buck Owens' Crystal Palace was
reopened with Clint Black last early morning since Owen's death and I
really wanted go see (to just see what looks like) Buck Owens Crystal
Palace but I decided to not go because it was started pouring.

The show started 8:15PM with Maggie's Farm as predicted. Now I know
what people are talking about Bob's playing the organ. It's very nice see
hear Bob playing the organ but don't you think it sound a little loud? the
organ sound reminds me TOOM a lot but his new arrangement of Til I Fell In
Love With You ruined the original version. He should have chosen Love Sick
or Standing in The Doorway instead of new arrangement of Fell in Love
With. Very pressure to hear Queen Jane first time. It's very nice song
even the new arrangement wasn't great. If he changed the setlist every
night, probably I missed the song. It's Alright, Ma was highlight for all
of us. A man next to me, he was screaming/sing a along all time during the
song. The organ, Donnie's Fiddle, and everything went so well. I hated to
hear Highway 61 again but I guess people in the house loved it very much.
Tear of Rage was good except Bob playing organ. It was just annoying, it
was just too loud. If he doesn't want to play the guitar, that's
fine(clearly someone yelling at bob should play the guitar) but he needs
more practice on that. Or he needs a real organ instead of Yamaha
keyboard.  There's no "up singing" tonight or maybe one or two but it didn't
bother me at all.  Just Like a Woman was pretty good with organ. Like 
someone said, some songs are work really well with organ and some are not. 
I really think Shooting Star is for Buck Owens and made me almost tears. I 
heard he was rehearsing the song in the afternoon. If Buck Owens is still 
alive, he might be in the audience. In the encore, female fans are screaming 
all time during Like a Rolling Stone. I bet they loved the song and they are
very young. I'm glad to see so many teens loved this 64 year old singer
playing some of classic rock from 60's. It was  not the best show I have
seen Bob but surely everybody in the house enjoyed this old man still


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