Saarbrücken, Germany


April 5, 2009

[Joachim Neumann], [Jean Marc], [Marina Montesano]

Review by Joachim Neumann

After Hannover, Berlin and Erfurt, Saarbruecken was the 4th concert for me
on this german leg of Bob´s 2009 tour. That show was sold out shortly
after the sale started and so it was no winder, that there were about 50
fans outside the venue at noon already. So this time we had to be quick to
get to the rail. Anyhow, as usual, I put my guitar case in the cue and
then started playing and singing for those who were already waiting. The
regular guys know that procedure and as they do enjoy my playing, they
also let me take my place in the row when finishing my personal gig. Lot´s
of applause this time, thanks mates! Unfortunately there was one lady at
the gates who did react very aggressive by pushing and yelling. Well, we
paid her vice versa, in fact, at the end it was just a bit of a nervouse
hazzle which can happen before each show. You know, we all act kind of
crazy shortly before the security people opens the gates...I mean,
everybody wants to get front of stage. And again we made it, very
important for me this time, because one friend of mine was looking forward
to her first Bob show. Can you imagine her exitement when we made it right
in front of Bobs´ keyboard?! What fun! The venue filled extremely fast,
the prime minister of the county was there and also Wolfgang Niedecken
showed up. He´s a musician, quite famous in Germany, and he thinks he´s
the biggest Bob fan, which we all know cannot be true, hehe. Lot´s of nice
conversation while waiting, and then the lights dimmed and Santos
announced Bob. Gotta Serve Somebody, well, I was waiting for that since
Hannover, now Bob served it. The band very tight. A brilliant opener in my
opinion. When Bob grabbed his guitar I figured out that we had a model
change here. It wasn´t the Jazz-Gibson he used before, this time it was a
semi-acoustic, smaller body with a "D" on the headstock, wonder which
brand. He played some tricky chords while performing a romantic
Lay,Lady,Lay. Levee never been a favorite of mine, but this night he blew
me away with that, everybody starts to shake during the song. And I was
swinging too. Every Garin Of Sand followed, man, what a true performance,
Bob´s voice right in the meaning of the sun, I just realized it´s a sunday
show. Tweedle is now as swinging and rolling like Summer days in the good
old days, you must like it, there were other times you all know. But today
it´s not boring anymore, it seems that Bob has invented it again,
brandnew. Beyond The Horizon in this new, slow arrangement, quite a point
of the show to calm down a bit and listen closely to Bob and the fine
playing of the band. Honest With Me rocks you off again, the guitars on
the left barking, not too many solos, but straight and hard rhythm playing
by Denny and Stu. Guitar outlaws for me, there they are, and they can rock
if they want to. Sugar Baby, a song most of the crowd likes, not me.
Wonder why. Not my piece of cake, can´t get into the rhythm, but Bob´s
voice again clear and shiny. Mobile woke me up again, they are not playing
the usual intro anymore, Stu starts with nice chords on his acoustic
Gibson, and then the song comes down the road very close to it´s original
on Blonde on Blonde. I got my kicks from Po´Boy that night. What a nice
slow arrangement, and Dylan delivered the lyrics the way they had to be.
Wonderful! Thankful I got this one. Summer Days, a nice swinging today,
but it always makes me feel a bit sad. I cannot get the great performances
with Larry and Charlie out of my mind. But that´s the only song which
brings back these memories. In the meantime Stu and Denny left their
fingerprints in the actual setlists, right!? I Believe In You very soft
and fine, another sunday song for sure. Highway always tight and rockin´
as usual. A bit short tonight. Rolling Stone was the ending of the main
set, wonder why Bob never sings the 3rd verse anymore, I guess since
years. Does anybody has a clue? Clapping of the whole crowd until the
lights went on again and the encore was opened by Watchtower. George
always beats the hell out of his drums and Stu played all the solos. Good
job, it looks to me as if he likes that part of the show more and more. So
do I. Spirit brought us down a bit before the finale, and after Bob
introduced his band, this time again with mentioning the members home
towns the band floated into Blowin´ in that new finger snipping
arrangement which makes the song listenable again after all these years.
The applause at the end was really noisy, looks like the crowd did have a
lot of fun. I surely had! This time I really thought there could be the
possibility of a second encore, like in Dublin 2005. But too bad, it ended
the normal way, the lights went on when Bob and his boys left the
building. One of the best shows I´ve seen on this leg, but we all know,
everything can happen in future. Thanks, and see you on the avenue.

Joachim "Stewart" Neumann
aka Apocalypso Singer


Comments by Jean Marc

Well ! 
I was glad to see Bob after 2 years and what a pleasure to share all that
with him ! He made a choice that is really quite special and what a treat
it was ! Sure he could have played more guitar but then he played a lot of
organ, which with the addition of a 'leslie' sounds really great ! his
harp playing was very soulful too ! All these exchanges with the band show
how tight they are and how much in charge Bob is ! He is 'der Meister' and
when you watch his grins and all his body language you share his
commitment ! Lay lady lay , In the summertime, I believe in you, Stuck
inside of Mobile,and i could go on with more 'obscure' songs ! You know
what ? I'm happy because i share all that with Bob and lots of others Yeah
Bob ... I believe in you Love to all 

J. Marc


Review by Marina Montesano

Saarlandhalle in Saarbrücken looks like a mix between a theatre and a 
ballroom, not too big and nice looking, with an excellent bar. The show 
starts strongly with a wonderful Gotta Serve Somebody  followed by Lay, 
Lady, Lay, Bob on guitar doing a good work with it. He won't be centre 
stage anymore until the very end of the show, but the setlist and his 
delivery will make up for it, for sure. The Levee's Gonna Break is fast and 
strong, so much different - and better - from the album version. Next is 
Every Grain Of Sand, a song I love; Bob sings it soulfully, with a crescendo 
that starts in the middle of the song and makes it fly high at the end, the 
way it's got to be; another prove he is in a very strong voice. Tweedle 
Dee & Tweedle Dum has no harp, which means back to the norm: too 
bad. It gets better with a reworked and well sung Beyond The Horizon, 
then  a fired up Honest With Me, tons of fun for both the band and the 
audience. After Sugar Baby come two highlights of the show: Stuck 
Inside Of Mobile is done more or less the usual way, but with extra 
energy and Dylan clearly having a blast singing it; it is a song that has 
been heard so many times, but tonight he really nails it. Second gem is 
Po' Boy, not only because it is a huge surprise, but also for it is different 
from the record and precedent live versions. Then Summer Days, with 
the band jamming on it as usual, followed by a very good I Believe In You. 
Again, last five songs as usual, with Bob coming centre stage with just his 
harp for the last notes of  Blowin' In The Wind. Another strong show that 
benefits from a very good choice of songs and a Dylan in very good mood.

Marina Montesano


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