Magdeburg, Germany


April 5, 2019

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Magdeburg April 5.I arrive in Magdeburg at 10am. I am supposed to go to 
my CS host house only at 5pm and I don’t  know what to do with my
luggage.Johannes will be arriving at noon, so I wait for me at the train
station  inside a Cafe.Then we have an arrangement. I can now move to his
hotel. Cool !As we walk out we bump into Franck, a BD Fan driving his
car.We decide, 3 of us, to have lunch in an Indian restaurant.We chat
forever about Bob Dylan music….Then we check in the same hotel.Johannes
and I walk later to the GETEC Arena, a 35 minutes walk.The crowd flowing
to the venue seems to me of middle age and forlorn.The communication is
difficult as they don’t understand English (at least MY english).I
manage to get a ticket at the very last moment when Bob is already on
stage.I take an empty seat on the top of the arena, far on the left side.I
see Bob at the piano, facing me.I have an excellent view on George. I will
focus on the drums all night.The sound is powerful.The public
  is polite again.Only the most famous songs are provoking a reaction.Bob
starts to be really exacted  on  « like a rolling stone »He is playing
with the words, modulating his voice.He is enjoying himself but the first
row of the public is too far away to have a strong interaction with his
audiance.He talks a lot with Donnie and the Band tonight.I expect , maybe,
a new song ? Nope. All the same.I manage to  catch an instant on my
telephone, taking a photo of the « scarlet town » performance, center
stage. Just a pic !I enjoyed myself. That was again professional and well
done.I loved George on his drums tonight.Charlie was as good as ever.I
walk back to the hotel with Johannes, for a good night sleep.Thank you
Bobby ! Sweet dreams. See you in Prague.


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