Prague, Czech Republic

Lucerna Palace
Great Hall

April 7, 2019

[Steve Haynes], [Laurette Maillet], [Mirka Kejvalova]

Review by Steve Haynes

I have no hesitation in saying this was one of, and possibly the best
concert I’ve seen in over 40 years of seeing Bob.
The venue itself was great, a really atmospheric hall, the crowd seemed
really into it barely any phones so no need for torchlight security and
everyone keen to be there in the moment. None more so than a perfect and
incredibly moving don’t think twice, although this version of LARS was
also fantastic. The set list for me was great, those who go night after
night may get bored, but that’s unfair when Bob and the band seemed
really engaged, particularly at the end of Thunder on the Mountain where
an apparently spontaneous drum / bass solo seemed to catch Bob by surprise
and cause much hilarity.

By the encore the crowd could stay seated no longer and a steady move to
the front was gently insistent. We had great seats on the lower balcony
maybe the equivalent of 8 rows from the front so got a great view but also
felt part of a communal coming together, We saw people visibly moved
through BITW and an audience literally aged from 7 to 70 and beyond. The
evening rounded off when Tina and I found a lively pub on the other side
of the river and bumped into a lovely couple of musician Bobcats due to go
to Monday’s gig. I could only say to them that they were in for a

Steve Haynes


Review by Laurette Maillet

Prague.I was dreaming of those 3 days in Prague. It is always comfortable
to have few days in the same city.From Magdeburg I have a ride with F. Not
that I am a freeloader for I booked all my transportations until Valencia,
by buses.I just thought it would be a good idea to travel with a BD Fan
and exchange ideas and memories.And yes it was but…. Each BD Fan has an
image of Bob Dylan and his/her own experiences.Not that I disagree with F.
But we don’t have the same perspective. I never met a Fan that was
riding on my ‘horse’. Funny enough , I sometimes agree with the not BD
Fan.Anyway. The ride is agreeable and we reach Prague in the middle of the
afternoon. F. wants to buy  tickets for the shows. That obsession I
don’t have. For good or for bad, this is not my problem, except 1 hour
before show time. If people asks, the static setlist is not my problem
neither. I moved on to other considerations : a safe transportation and a
safe place to rest after the show.For the rest  I count on my good star. 
Even if I say I am agnostic,  I seem to have more Faith than most of 
the believers, counting on their credit card !F. kindly drives me to my 
CS host, Guillaume, a French expat.We chat about how’s life in Prague, 
eating a bowl of lentils cooked in tomato sauce and coconut milk.
Guillaume moves to his bedroom and I fix a bed in the living room.
A good night sleep.Prague I.Early rising, breakfast of muesli and 
Guillaume walks with me to center town.Then he goes his way and I 
go mine.I go to check the venue. It is surprisingly a tiny hall inside a
passage way of cafes and shops.H. is here and we discuss the capacity ;
800 seats plus some standing tickets are sold. The sign says 2500 but we
have a doubt about it.We’ll see tonight.I walk and walk and
walk….streets are packed with tourists or ‘Praguers’.The city is an
interesting melting pot of architecture ; houses, churches and museums.In
the early afternoon the Band and Bob walk in for sound check. I grab
a sandwich and coffee near by.At 6.30pm the doors open.A large number
of Bobcats congratulate each other. Other Fans are peaceful and nice.
Middle aged crowd as usual.By 7.30pm F. arrives and manages to buy a 4th
row ticket at the box office.He hands me his standing ticket. I do accept
it but somehow I don’t feel comfortable nor happy. He throws it to me
like one throws a bone to a dog ! I feel hurt.I try to overcome that bad
sensation, like a bone in the throat. I need frendship, not
condescendence.Anyway, I am in. My standing is on first level, all the way
on the left of the stage, behind a couple of seats. On my left there is a
pillar that will block my view of George and partly Tony, but I see Bob at
the piano, quite clearly.The excitement is at the top when Bob appears
dressed in black ;black jacket, black pants. Itappears made of light
leather to me.He looks forever young !The atmosphere warms up on «
highway 61 » and on.I can’t stop my body for moving on the rythm and
my feet taping on the ground.I suppress my karaoke for I have a person
seated in front of me. I don’t want to badly sing in his ears !From then
on , it is me and the music. The public is warm and of course the Bobcats
are the first ones to react and applaud, here and there in the public.Bob
will trott across the stage few times and go shout at George.After «
Thunder on the mountain «  he has a good laugh with Tony.George did
something funny ?Always the consultation  with Donnie before each song.
Didn’t he know the setlist by heart ? And the lyrics sprayed on the
piano ?So far that was the best show for me.Small venue, great view, great
sound and….dancing on the floor.I don’t want to spoil my so good
feelings so….I walk all by myself back home, my head full of music notes
and BD images.The others can get drunk on….substances.I don’t need it
!Thank you all the good people.Thank you Bobby.The Band.The roadies 
who worked hard to organize the stage.Night, nignt !See y ou tomorrow. 
It is already another story.


Review by Mirka Kejvalova

When I met Bob last year in Brno, my dream came true. Brno – my
most-loved city where my mom was  born and I spent every Holiday there 
when I was a child. The day of the show was the day of my birthday - amazing 
gift by Bob! He did the great show in Brno and I thought - what can I 
want more? 

Well, but what a surprise when I read that Bob will play in Prague, Palace
Lucerna, three times at row next year. What, is it a joke? I don´t
believe my eyes. No no, it´s reality! So, I immediately brought tickets on 7th
April while I wanted buy tickets for all three nights at first, but they were
very expensive. Never mind, even the one night with Bob will be sure great!

We saw Buddy Guy in Lucerna Palace in November last year and we were 
excited, we never attend this place before and I must say it´s amazing 
place. Unique and magic atmosphere. Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzerald, Duke
Ellington and some other legends played there. 

And now a few words about show. 

Crowd - I was suprised that a lot of young people were there and some 
parents with their children too. Most interesting was russian orthodox 
priest in long black suit with a big cross hanging on his neck (maybe man
in long black coat?).

Setlist - very interesting, every song has a new arrangement and no one 
Sinatra´s song. Highway 61 and Cry a while was rough and very loud (when
George Receli started play his solo on drums in HW 61, Tony Garnier seemed
surprised and amused, it was funny, and band was cooking hot on this one).
Amazing was Scarlet Town, the only song when Bob stood by mic in dle
middle of the stage. The biggest highlight of the show for me was Don´t think 
twice, when Bob solo played piano and sang so tenderly, with deep feeling.
It is Bob´s masterpiece, unforgettable experience. Thanks Bob! Because I
love blues very much, next highlight for me was It takes a lot to laugh.
We stood under stage and sang the great blues with Bob along who looked at us
from the stage. I wish Bob plays blues more, he is amazing bluesman. Maybe
next time…

When show was over, Bob left the stage very quickly. I think, when band 
played instrumental encore Just like Tom Thumb blues in next two shows, it
was from a very good reason because Bob wanted to leave Lucerna Palace 
before some importunate fans. So simply and functional. 

Thanks Bob for your music, you gave us another great show, strong and 
joyful. I hope you were satisfied in Prague and we will meet next year 
again. Good luck!

Mirka Kejvalova


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