Paris, France

Palais des Congrès de Paris
Grand Amphithéâtre

April 8, 2009

[Marina Montesano]

Review by Marina Montesano

Show number two in Paris, same situation of last night but no rush to the 
stage this time, as it has proved useless. Very good start with The Wicked 
Messenger, turned into some sort of garage song. Then Bob is on guitar for 
Lay Lady Lay and back to the keyboards for Things Have Changed, very 
good version with Donnie on violin. When The Deal Goes Down is a live 
song that never worked for me that much, but it is followed by a fantastic 
'Til I Fell In Love With You: Bob is centre stage with his harp for a good part 
of the song, that sounds like nothing I've heard before; it could be a new 
song, which is plain great. Show goes on smooth with Stuck Inside Of 
Mobile and Sugar Baby but flies high with a very grooving It's Alright, Ma: 
the fact that Stu has been cleverly moved from Siberia behind Bob's 
shoulders to fronting him like the rest of the band, works out great in this 
song, as he adds a lot of rhythm to it. Then we get Hattie Carroll and 
Tweedle, both in the new versions, followed by Beyond The Horizon: after 
three nights in a row I'm quite fed up with this song, and so is Bob, who 
delivers it quite carelessly. Highway 61 cheers thing up a little bit. After that, 
some notes I do not recognise immediately: and of course I don't, as it is not 
a Dylan's song, but the English version of Charles Aznavour's Les Bons 
Moments (The Times We've Known). What a surprise, as to my knowledge 
he has been playing it just one time back in 1998 (but I could be wrong 
here) and a fantastic rendition as well. A true magic moment. Tonight fans 
are allowed to the stage for the three encores, that include a very nicely 
done Spirit On The Water, with big laughing between Bob and Donnie, and 
the now usual - but not less appreciated - harp/dance moment at the end. 
It could be a very good, if not fantastic show, but its highlights and mostly 
The Times We've Known make it for something unique. 

Marina Montesano


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