Prague, Czech Republic

Lucerna Palace
Great Hall

April 8, 2019

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Prague II April 8.
This morning I found a video showing Bob Dylan arriving at the 
venue yesterday.There is already heavy discussions, gossips 
and rumors as always.I am a long time fan and In was THERE.
First of all...the venue is a small kind of theater (actually a
dancing room) inside a smal shopping mall. There is no backstage
entrance. No parking space for the buses to park.So Bob arrived the first
day from the street. Already some stalkers had been distrubing his peace.
Screaming his name or asking .... what?The second day, yesterday, security
was re enforced.  2 Bob Dylan security guys, plus a group of venue
security guys dressed in black.Since early in the afternoon, the 2 "fans"
you see on the video, the young kid and the man with the hat, had been
stalking around the mall. Not talking to anyone (not to me??) and playing
tricks with security.So....They had been waiting all afternoon when
finally Bob arrives by the street, for his sound check. 
What do they expect?That Bob Dylan, 77 years old , with 60 years of
career, will come to them and they ;" nice to see you guys, I love
you"Don't  they know any better by now???I've been around the world for
Bob Dylan. I've met freaks asking for an autograph not even going to the
show, I've  seen freaks taking un respectfully photos (as if Bob Dylan is
a monkey in a zoo?).The man with the hat is obviously moving towards
Bob....who knows why?I am grateful for the security people.I want to see
Bob Dylan on stage in a good mood.Leave that poor man alone!He owns
nothing to no one!Stop being EGOMANIACS!This said….I took a long walk in
the city all day.By the time of the show, 6pm, my feet are all tired and
hurt.I wait patiently by the side of the entrance when a young man comes
to me and says yes I have an extra ticket.First he wants to sell it, which
I encourage him to do , but then he comes back and says this ticket was
for his mother so he will give it to me.Thank you very much !I 
walk inside the venue immediatly as my ticket is for standing behind the
seating room.But already the first row is packed and there will be no way
for me to see anything.Strangely as it is, the standing sections are
numbered. So there is no way to move around.Oh well ! I am in, so anyway I
will hear the sound well.By a pure hazard, or is it my good star ?There is
a chair just next to me, so I seat.When I hear the fist notes of music, I
decide to stand up on that chair, at least, to see Bob taking the
stage.Then I stand more and more…..until a security guy asks me to seat.
He is kind and speaks good english.I say I am small, would that be ok if I
stand on my chair ?I don’t disturb any view as I am standing against a
wall.That sweet heart smiles and says ok !So….For the first time of my
long career as a Fan (close to 400 shows) it is the first time I attend a
Bob Dylan show, standing on a chair.The sound is not so good, muffled.
Bob’s voice, at time, is not heard.But this is an experience.Of course 
all the oposite as yesterday, since I don’t dare make a move on that 
chair.My feet are hurting badly but at no time I will step down.
Unfortunately the bar is behind me, and some freaks are chatting
lowdly.I do have to ask them to quiet down when Bob starts «  don’t
think twice » softly on the piano.I don’t understand why people buy a
concert ticket to be at the bar chatting ! It blows my mind.I seat down
for the brake and get up for the final.But….There is no bow.Bob leaves
the stage rapidly in the dark but the Band plays musically « Tom thumbs
blues ».Then Donnie leaves the stage, then Charlie, then Tony and finally
George who will through his sticks back in the air.That will give the time
for Bob to escape the crowd and leaving the venue incognito. Hopefully
without any disturbance.That was for me the weirdest show ever.But what
Fun I had !Thank you Barron, BigBob and security people to take care of
our MASTER !Thank you Bobby for being still around.Thanx all you good
people !Be nice to one another.See you tonight.


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