Lowell, Massachusetts

University of Massachusetts Lowell
Tsongas Center

April 9, 2013

[Richard Moody], [Steinar Daler]

Review by Richard Moody

Maybe it's because Bob loves the city that is the birthplace of Jack
Kerouac but whatever the reason fans at the Lowell show were treated to an
evening of music from Bob and his band that was on a high energy level
from start to finish. There were occasional slips into that voice that
sounds like it's permanently afflicted with a case of severe laryngitis
but overall he sounded much better than I anticipated and he definitely
delivered each song as if he cared about it. Guitarist Duke Robillard, the
newest member of the band, displayed his considerable playing skills on
several songs including “All Along The Watchtower” and “Beyond Here
Lies Nothing.” It was also great to hear some of the new songs from the
Tempest album and that seldom heard classic “Blind Willie McTell.” At
the end of the show the crowd gave Bob a standing ovation and everyone
left with a smile on their face. 



Review by Steinar Daler

I know there are a lot of Dylan-fans that see several Dylan-concerts in a
row that is readingthe reviews on Boblinks and wonder how it is to see
Dylan in 3 concerts with the exact same set-list as I have now. I have
seen Amherst, Kingston and Lowell and now I'm back home. I have seen Dylan
many concerts in a row many times before but I am not sure if I have seen
3 concerts with the same set-list in a row before. Maybe at Hammertsmith
20 years ago. My answe is: I CAN TELL YOU THAT IT WAS GREAT. (At
hammersmith 20 years ago it was boring). WHY WAS IT GREAT?

1. Dylan is in good shape and have a very proffesional control over the
whole concert(s). 2. Dylan has a new guitarist, Duke Robbillard, that
improves his playing for each concert. 3. The set-list is a perfect mix: 3
songs from the 60's, 1 from the 70's, 2 from the 80's, 1 from the 90's, 5
from the 00's and 4 songs fromthe 10's. It's hard to categorise the type
of songs but if I have to I will say it is 2 Blues songs, 2 Blues/Rock
songs, 5 Ballads and 4 that I can't classifie (maybe swing, classics and
more). The setlist is very dynamic with uptempo rockers, ballads and
others perfectly mixed: Think: Blind Willie Mc.Tell, What Good Am I?,
Thunder On The Mountain and Scarlet Town in a row. 4. New brilliant
arrangements. Among them the unbelievable beautiful, heartfelt and moving
"What Good Am I", A better "Tangled Up In Blue" with Duke Robillard adding
more and more excellent licks to for each performance. A very dynamic
"Watchtower" changing between tender moments and crescendos - and once
more better and better playing by Duke and by Bob on piano too. A lot of
the other songs also have new good arrangemente. "Early Roman Kings" is
defenitely better live than on Tempest. 5. Bob's voice are good on all of
the songs. He sings them all from his heart and on some of the songs, like
"Vision Of Johanna", "What Good Am I?" and "Scarlot Town" his voice is
better than I have heard for many years. No barking, no shouting, and just
some tiny traces of the staccato singing, that's also fits in when he uses
that voice. 6. Stu is almost only playing accustic guitar and does it very

If there are some minuses, maybe I can mention that Donny's lap steel is
still too low in the mix and that "Ballad Of A Thin Man" is not as good as
it has been the last few years because Bob does not sings it from center
stage, but from behind the piano. But, it's still good.

I would gladly have attended more shows even if he does not change the
setlist. GO SEE HIM!

PS! Thanks for nice evenings after the concerts to good friends (girls and
boys) from US, Canada, England, Germany and Sweden! I love you as much as
I love Bob!

Steinar Daler


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