Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo Garden Theater

April 11, 2023


Review by TF

Bob was on top form last night.  I've been to about 10 shows over the
years and this topped it for me. He is really delivering all the material
and is enjoying himself.

He was excited at the start of the show and said "why thank you" about 5
times. On band intros he said "on one of the guitars...he's played with
Mecca and The Boss...and the rocket man"..."On the other guitar...he's
joined us from Colombo"...then he turned to Tony and said something off
mic...then laughed and said "Tony's joined us from another TV show...
Bonanza "

Show started right at 7. The audience was quiet and reverential. The
backdrop was huge red curtains.

The highlights for me were "That old black magic" because Doug could let
loose and play some great licks and Masterpiece because the band and Bob
were so tight and it felt like the moment the show really came alive.



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