Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo Garden Theater

April 12, 2023

[D. and Mademoiselle Lili]

Review by D. and Mademoiselle Lili

We need to be honest here, this is not a great venue. It's in the middle
of nowhere, it's big, cold (atmospheric wise) and not conducive to a show
like this. Before the lights went down the place was silent, literally no
noise from the audience, more like a library than a concert. Very strange.

River Flow is back to the long introduction. We much prefer it. The vocals
were clear from the start.

Perfect performances of Black Rider, Own Version, Rubicon, Key West -
these are all really big songs that seem to be becoming new classics
before our eyes.

Bob was clearly happy. "Thank you" after You Go Your Way, 'thank you baby
lovers' after I'll be your baby and a very funny band introduction after
serve somebody " Doug was in the hit musical "Tommy"" "Bob was in Columbo.
He played a detective" "Donnie has been at The Grand Old Opree for 30
years" .... And then it happened... Something didn't seem right. At first
we thought it was a new version of "Jimmy Reed" but then we heard the word
"truckin'"... Sporadic roars from around the audience (jumping from Dead
heads), we wanted to rush the stage- the reaction would have been bigger
but it is so difficult to express oneself in this venue (why would he play
here?) But this was special, so special, Really special. Bob was loving
it, the band were loving it. He sang like a 20 year old do dah man, giving
it everything, every word was clear, next level stuff. As the song
finished Tony punched the air in delight - smiles all round.

And then it was over - from Truckin' to Mother of Muses - like nothing had
happened This is the rough and rowdy tour and don't forget it.

No harp tonight, no centre stage except to say goodbye. None of that
mattered - a great show

What a long strange happy night it's been!


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