Brno, Czech Republic

Hala Vodova

April 15, 2018

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

The streets have names that I can't pronounce.
The train station reminds me of the central bus station in ... Tel Aviv.
People are selling shoes and clothes in the "basement"! Not the "modern
times" of Salzburg! Bad start when I leave the train station, I take the
wrong direction. Should buy myself a compass. I turn around the old city
and after one hour and a half reach my destination; the Fleda Youth

Next morning.
I walk to the venue. Well! Not a nice , pretty one. One of those sport
arena (basket). I walk to the downtown area, the old city. Though some of
the buildings facade are stylish, they are not kept in good shape, just
used as shops. I see Baroon and Stu passing by. I see a Fan (I met before)
seated at a cafe, so I join. We see Tony walking by. We spend some time 
together with the Fan. I had the idea of inviting Tony for a drink but we don't 
see him again. The show tonight is at 7 p.m. (??) So I walk back to the hostel,
then the venue. Brno is not an exited city. A bit disappointing! The line
forms at 6 p.m. in a total chao. They want to fill in 5 thousands fans
using 2 doors and security control. I see Al Santos passing by, worried
about the timing! Me, I worry about a ticket I don't happen to have.
Scalpers are around, plus regular people trying to make some bucks. A
couple of folks walk inside with an extra ticket they don't want to give
away?! I trully don't understand! I stay close to the doors and hear
Bobby's voice and the Band. I sing and dance under the eyes of astounded
security guards and TV crew! 7.	 45 p.m. ....It starts raining, I'm still
out, finally happy JUST to hear the show, when one of the persons with
extra tickets hands me one. I rush in. Seat on the stairs and look at
Bobby's white hat! He is doing "come rain or come shine" center stage. I
will move close by, on the right side of the venue, standing on the side,
as the security seems to be cool about this. They focus on the
photographers. The sound is not the best for my position, a little bit
muffled. Bob is doing "Love sick" and surprisingly "missed" the final
lyrics. 'I'll do anything just to be with you' turns into 'I think of you
and I wonder if you‘ve ever been true!' Improvisation? Deliberate
statement? Who knows? 


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