Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Heineken Music Hall

April 16, 2017

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

From Hamburg to Lingen to Dusseldorf the journey had been pleasant. 

2 big cities with sport Arena capacities 16,000 and 7500 and in the middle
a nice little town with a medium size Arena (tickets had been sold out in
1 hour). 
I took time to sightseeing. 
I had no problem finding tickets. 
Bobby and the Band had been professional. 
A small change in the setlist from To Ramona to Don't Think Twice, It's
All Right , from I Could Have Told You to Why Try To Change Me Now. 
There is no more harmonica, not even on Tangled up in blue. 
The reason is …. Mysterious . As obscure as Bobby Dylan’s mind. 
2 days off in Amsterdam and the first show 

Amsterdam , The Netherlands 
Heineken Music Hall 
April 16, 2017 . 

We arrive early and Bob and the Band are already doing the sound check. 
The soccer stadium next to the Heineken Music Hall is filling up with
There is an important match. 
A lot of beer bottles are scattered all over. 
Donnie, George and Charlie are getting in and out the bus with their stage
suits and I take a chance to say few words to the 3 of them. 
Donnie is so sweet and George doesn’t mind a hand shake. 
I compliment Charlie for his guitar playing and he is thankful. 
Bobby is resting. 
I rapidly get a ticket and I move inside to be away from the rain and
The weather had been cold for me all away from Stockholm to Amsterdam . 
I am a desert lizard! 
My seat is on the tribune, not so close to the stage but I have a good
My Good Samaritan (the one who gave me the ticket) is a sweet man. This is
his second BD show. 
The Hall is packed. 
I recognize a certain number of followers, here and there. 
Right on time Stu takes his position, strumming his little tune and when
George makes the ‘boom boom’ signal on his drums the curtains open up
on the right for the rest of the Band to take their positions. 
Bob moves straight to the piano. 
Most of the songs are now on the piano; either he is sitted or standing. 
For the centre songs he is backing up, holding the mic in both hands. 
The sound is clear and loud. The loudest I heard so far. 

Things Have Changed (Bob standing at piano) 
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Bob sitting at piano) 
I prefer this one to To Ramona (too slow for my taste) 
Highway 61 Revisited (Bob standing at piano) 
Beyond Here Lies Nothin' (Bob sitting at piano) 
My favourite still. 
Why Try To Change Me Now (Bob center stage) 
For this one Bob is centre stage (not so much in the lights though) 
Pay In Blood (Bob standing at piano) 
As I said once already, he should do this one centre stage. 
Melancholy Mood (Bob center stage) 
The soft intro by the Band let him time to drink a little something on the
side of the stage. 
Duquesne Whistle (Bob sitting at piano) 
Love Sick (Bob center stage) 
But I am not moved as I used to be. 
I don’t know how Bob can express his feelings so violently after so many
times of performing that song! 
Tangled Up In Blue (Bob center stage then sitting at piano) 
Reaction from the public as always. 
Early Roman Kings (Bob standing at piano) 
No handkerchief in the air. 
Spirit On The Water (Bob Bob sitting at piano) 
Scarlet Town (Bob center stage) 
Nice banjo solo by Donnie. 
All Or Nothing At All (Bob center stage) 
Desolation Row (Bob standing at piano) 
I lost track of time. 
Soon After Midnight (Bob standing at piano) 
And I don’t want nobody but youOuOu! 
That Old Black Magic (Bob center stage) 
Bravo George! 
The ding! Ding! Ding! is funny. 
Long And Wasted Years (Bob center stage) 
Dark and sad. 
Autumn Leaves (Bob center stage) 
‘But I miss you most of all my darling 
When autumn leaves start to fall’ 
Or when you’re not on the road! 
The public is now standing. The aisles are filling up. 
Blowin' In The Wind (Bob sitting at piano) 
Ballad Of A Thin Man (Bob standing at piano 

A perfect show in a perfect atmosphere; the public was respectful and
For me this is the best show on that Tour though none of them shows were
any bad. 
To make my day perfect I bumped into a man who once had been a dear friend
of mine. 
The Dylan good spirit is high and we are in the time of Resurrection so

PEACE and LOVE my friend! 


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