Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva Arena

April 20, 2009

[Jean-Luc Besse]

Review by Jean-Luc Besse

I didn't know what to expect for this second coming of his Bobness in
Geneva, Switzerland. Weather was kind of spring and I take care to come
early (last venue Bob started out his set and the third of the crow was
still outside...).

I asked people from the staff about the tour bus and they tell me it isn't
there because Bob was  in a cool Hotel close to the lake since saturday
(it seems he came immediately from Firenze after his saturday show). The
show bob and his band deliver next confirm that he has appreciate his stay
in Geneva.

The Arena was almost full and people seemed in a really good mood. Look at
the setlist, nothing revolutionnist but the band was so tight, accurate
and definitely rock and roll that everybody has been amazed.

Bob and his band have been so generous ! Great solos from Stu and 
Denny. Tony solid as ever and Donnie so cute when he took his tiny 
guitar and Bobby came center stage on the last tune for soloing with his
harp (Blowin' in the wind).

No highway 61 tonite but the band has rocked the house so hard on other
tunes that it wasn't missing.

At last a big and sincere standing ovation from the audience for that gift
of a great concert.

Four days from his birthday :.. Bob you are definitely the best. Thanks
for all. Keep on keeping rock and roll alive and strong.


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