Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Broward Center for the Performing Arts
Au-Rene Theater

April 21, 2015

[Mark Silva], [Arnie Bernstein]

Review by Mark Silva

My sixth time in the presence of Bob. I drove down to Ft. Lauderdale
around 6PM in heavy traffic, a 25 minute drive taking over an hour due to
accidents and rain . I'm accompanied by my mom (the 50th anniversary of
her first Dylan show) and my girlfriend (her first). 

We got to the show with plenty of time to grab a beer in the lobby and
check out the crowd. Found our seats, Orchestra left, Row N, the closest
I've ever been. This is a different sort of venue compared to the other
shows I've seen, classy and formal. Around 8:05PM the place is packed and
Bob takes the stage. 

I won't bore you with the set list because you all know it by now. This
seems more like a play than a loose concert. Every song has a lighting
cue, Bob is moving around the stage with efficiency knowing exactly what's
coming next. 

"Things Have Changed" starts the show and everyone is excited to hear it.
"She Belongs To Me", etc. Like I said, you know the set list. 

It's a strange moody selection of songs. All break ups and doom and gloom.
Most of Tempest, 2 from Blood on the Tracks, Love Sick, Things Have
Changed. Hey, Bob, is everything okay?

He seems to annunciate certain lines. "Pay In Blood" is a highlight for me
and that's not a song I listen to ever.  But he sells it and it's great.
Same with "Lovesick" - I WISH I NEVER MET YOU! "A Simple Twist of Fate" is
another highlight. He seemed to growl the first verse and then fall into
this sweet singing voice as he finds a groove. A quiet version of a
devastating song. 

He sounded great, a beautiful intimate show, but this is the first time
I've felt he looked frail. His swagger turned down to a little dance, his
age showing. I don't know if he has been thinking about his recent divorce
and that's what brought about this new morose set list, but I'm all for
it. He seems focused on something, and even if that thing is the
apocalypse or heartbreak, we should all be excited for what's coming next.

I can't wait for the next tour.  Don't miss this one. 



Review by Arnie Bernstein

This was one incredibly good concert.  I last saw Dylan at the final
Beacon Theater concert which I thought was good but not great.  The set
list appears to be written in stone. But the delivery of the music by Bob
and the band rose to a much higher level than I have experienced at any of
the recent concerts I have attended in the past ten years.  He and the
band are  completely in sync with one another.  If you have the
opportunity to see this series,  you are in for a real treat.


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