Locarno, Switzerland

Palazzetto Fevi

April 22, 2019

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Locarno Easter Monday April 22.I wake up early from my Youth Hostel in
Zurich ( a lot cheaper than in Locarno). I will meet J.at the train
station and we will be traveling together to Locarno. I cash some swiss
francs at the machine ( thanx the machine to give me money!). We have a
morning drink(coffee and tea) together with J.All is well.Locarno is a
nice little town but expensive. Nonetheless I buy myself some food at the
super market. (I can't go without food.)We separate with J. ; he will go
his way and I'll go mine.I go straight to the venue as I have to carry my
luggage.As I am relaxing on the grass behind the Palexpo(grey and huggly
building) I bump into another BD follower ;H. We chat a while and he will
offer me water and an apple ( a day to keep the doctor away).Our ways
separate also but he kindly offers me to keep my luggage inside his car.
Cool!I am now free to walk around.Bob and the Band arrive for the sound
check. Bob dressed in his green/blue hoodie Nahoko likes so m uch.
A TV crew is trying to get some photos and an interview but....they
will finally interview...me!The question is "why Bob is so private and
doesn't give interview or sign autograph?".I have to excuse him for being
paranoid! Oops!I will talk of privacy, respect, Art, performing his songs
on stage for a large public....bla bla bla.I ask if they go to the
show...."oh no! We have other things to do!"):)I relax until 6.30 pm. Then
I start...panicking.I need a free ticket. Money is getting low.A long
security line forms. People are patient and friendly. Tickets are
available but for sell. Some time ago a handsome young man 
said he may have an extra tix. I spot him again at 7.45 pm
and YES he hands me that miracle tix. I rush in at the moment 
the lights go off.I sit right where I am, behind the soundboard,
first row of the second division of the floor.I can see Bob Donnie and
Charlie. No view of Tony and George as Jason is blocking my view.It
doesn't matter for the sound is perfect. They have the suits they were
wearing the first night in Paris. Sparkling in the dark.I like that show
very much."Scarlet town" has a different melody. Faster tune with
different banjo arrangements. Is this Bluegrass? Or sort of?"Love sick"
has some echoes provided by the dexterity of Jason?Bob's voice is
powerful. Playing on the melody of ERK.He seems to enjoy himself.The
public is tranquil. I provide some applause on LARS. and some Fans behind
me follow the clapping.Fans rise to reach the stage but I don't believe
they pass the security for the Encore.Bob and the Band had not leave the
stage, pretenting to concert...I know the trick.No surprise!Regular final and
bow.4 to 5000 fans are now rolling out. Quite satisfied for what I see and
hear.I fetch my luggage, say Goodbye to H. We promise to meet again in
July and I step in Stefano's car for a ride to Bergamo.At 1am we crash
until 6 am next morning.Time for Stefano to go to work, time for me to
catch...a train, a metro and a coach to Pamplona! Hole!


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